Get Noticed!

While driving through a big city like Houston, you can’t help but notice all the business signs, a lot of bad business signs. How can a business owner stand out from the crowd? What does your sign say about your business? Here are a few tips that could help you with your next sign project.

First, below are a few facts we found, according to the United States Sign Council (USSC):

  • The number one purpose of signage is to help customers “find” the business. Below are a few tips to consider when creating a sign for your business.
  • Signs can boost sales with 60 percent of businesses reporting a 10% percent sales increase after sign improvements
  • Higher sign quality can reflect better business performance, according to case studies.


What do you need to consider before creating a new sign for your business?

  1. Size Matters – Choosing the right size matters. Take into consideration on how most people will view your sign. How far away will they be? Will people be driving or walking? A good rule of thumb is 10 feet away per 1 inch of letter height. So, lettering that is 10 inches high can be easily read at 100 feet away.
  2. Less is More – Successful signage communicates your brand effectively. Be concise and to the point with as few words as possible to avoid clutter. Not all space needs to be filled. “White space” around the text/graphic helps people focus on your sign. 
  3. What the Font? – There are tens of thousands of fonts available, yet choose wisely. A clean easy to read font style can maximize legibility. Compared to a script font that is difficult to read at a distance. Also, using all CAPITALS can sometimes be a disadvantage. Visual testing concludes that using upper/lower case letters can increase legibility when the view only has a few seconds to get your message. 

Next time when you’re considering a sign for your new business, or redesigning an existing sign consider these tips to get you noticed!