Are you ready to look beyond your business card or pamphlet to advertise your business? If yes, you should consider investing in electronic signs. They are effective marketing tools that can suit almost any type of business. With the right sign and message, you can make a difference in the minds of your target audience. They will feel interested in visiting your store and taking a look at your products. The more the traffic, the more chances of turning a significant number of visitors into customers, whether you’re looking for a sign company in the Houston area or elsewhere. But what type of sign should you select? Here are a few that you can keep in mind.

  1. Wall signs

An electronic wall sign with your company logo or brand message can make your store look different. For example, if you sell beer, you can install a wall sign in your store with the beer brand logo. Be creative with the sign or the message that you want to install as a wall sign. Fortunately, wall signs come in various shapes and sizes. Talk to the designer about the dimensions of the wall where you want to install the sign. He can accordingly come up with the ideal size of the sign that will look aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Pylon sign

Do you see electronic signs of business logos on driveways or walkways? These are pylon signs. You can install this type of sign on a broad post or pole to make it noticeable for everyone. Pylon signs usually demonstrate a company’s logo, tagline, brand name, illustration, or a specific message. One of the reasons why electronic pylon signs are beneficial for businesses is it allows your customers to locate your office or store from a distance. It leads them to your store, thus increasing the chances of making a sale.

  1. Informational signage

As the name suggests, this type of sign consists of specific information. This information can be about your products, company, upcoming collection, sale, or discount offers. You will sometimes notice stores in shopping malls with informational signage right at the entrance. It may consist of a “Thought of the Day” message that repeatedly plays with a slow background score or provides information about the ongoing offers in different sections. You need to first decide what information you will provide and where you will install this sign. Later, talk to the expert about the size and content.

  1. Double-sided signs

Double-sided signs are expensive. But that’s not a drawback. You may need to spend a bit more on a double-sided sign, but it provides a high ROI. A double-sided sign can attract hundreds of customers into your store. It’s human psychology that when you see a big bright advertisement, you usually want to check out the brand’s product at least once. That’s the kind of impact that a double-sided LED sign can have on your target audience. It is a visually stunning masterpiece where you can mention your company’s message. The benefit is that people from both sides can see the same message without going to the other side.

  1. Monochrome signs

If you are one of those who don’t want to experiment with complicated electronic signs, you should go for a monochrome sign. It is the simplest form of electronic sign that comes in only one vibrant color – typically amber or yellow. You can choose from various sizes, such as window-size signs for product displays or billboard-size, to convey a message to your audience about your company’s products and services. Monochrome signs are inexpensive. They last long, and are easier to make compared to some of the other signs mentioned above.

  1. Indoor and outdoor signs

Electronic signs are available both for indoor and outdoor installations. But the size, purpose, and type of sign may differ. For example, an outdoor sign may show your company’s name and brand message. It’s the reason why your target audience comes into the store in the first place. But repeating the same sign indoors can make it look monotonous. Instead of repeating the same sign, you can use different indoor signs.

Suppose you have different sections of clothes in your store. You can use an electronic sign to indicate which section is for whom. That makes it easier for customers to locate the section from where they want to buy clothes. Similarly, you can flash the “offer of the day” sign over each section. Sometimes, you may provide seasonal discounts on every purchase. Specify the offer details on the indoor sign so that it flashes brightly. That allows the customers to know what offer they can avail.

Electronic signs are a blessing for any business. But how you use it depends on you. Even the simplest of signs can make a big difference to your business. Use your creativity to make that difference and make the most of electronic signs.