Are you a small business owner? How are you advertising your business? Have you considered an LED sign for your local business? Are you aware of the many advantages of LED signs for local businesses

Standing out in today’s hyper-competitive business environment is tough. As a local business owner, an LED sign can go a long way in making your store stand out and help you get more customers through the door. Here is why you should invest in an LED sign for your local business:

Return On Investment 

Since most local businesses have to market their business with a limited budget, it may be hard to pull the trigger on a sign as expensive as an LED. But when you consider the lifespan of an LED, you’ll find that there is no other alternative that comes even close in terms of long-term value. 

Lasts a Long Time

If you have already decided to have a lighted sign for your business, choose an LED sign over other alternatives as it lasts a really long time. Good quality LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Once installed, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for the next 10 to 15 years. Good quality LEDs keep working even in inclement weather which is not the case with other lighted signs.

Versatility and Custom Messages

A big advantage of LED signs is that you can manage them from your computer. You can program the changes and execute them almost instantly. Many businesses use their LED sign to advertise a special promotion, a job position, or even write a special message.  An LED sign gives you that flexibility without the need to go for expensive temporary solutions. You do not get that much flexibility from any other alternative. 

Cheaper to Run

Among all the lighting options for advertising your local business, an LED is the least expensive to operate. LEDs consume a tiny amount of power which means you won’t have to worry about high utility bills. Keep in mind that not all LEDs are created equal. Carefully go through customer reviews and check the specifications to buy only UL-certified brands in order to save money on power.

Almost Maintenance Free

Other lighting solutions require a lot of maintenance. In fact, most of the lighting solutions lose brightness over a period of time and you will be forced to replace some parts after bad weather. LEDs are almost maintenance-free. You will need to clean them occasionally but other than that, LED signs are able to withstand inclement weather much better. 

Contemporary Solution

If you want your business to appeal to millennials, you need LED signs. People these days are accustomed to LED signs as these are everywhere and it is often associated with a modern business attuned to the needs of millennials.

Animation and Interaction

With the right LED solution, you can add interactions and animation to the signs to make them more eye-catching. In fact, LED ticker displays are widely used to provide useful information and that also helps a makes a business stand out. LED lighting solutions also allow you to use a variety of fonts and colors to create eye-catching signage that will obviously help you get customers through the door.

Plenty of Choices

If you look at other lighting solutions for advertising a business, they all look the same but that is not the case with LED signs. There are so many configuration options for you to choose from and create a setup that is completely unique. What makes it even better is that you can make changes on the fly which is not possible with other lighting solutions.

Target Unique Group of Customers

With LED signage, you also have the ability to target different groups of customers. For instance, you can choose a particular message to be displayed for a group of customers whereas another message can be displayed at a different time. It helps you create personal connections and build trust with your target audience. 

You don’t even need to use the LED signs for highlighting your brand at all times. You can use it to provide useful information to the commuters and they will remember your brand and your store which should result in more business.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Most consumers are environmentally conscious and are concerned about their carbon footprint. LEDs are energy efficient and you can highlight that in your advertising to attract customers who prefer businesses that care about the environment.

Overall, LED lighted signs are a great way for your local business to stand out. It is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. It is also almost maintenance-free. There are no other alternatives that offer as much flexibility as LED signs, and the price is also comparable to other signage solutions.