If you have ever seen signs on the lawns of single-family residences, you may wonder why they are marketing for other businesses? In some cases, a yard sign is one of the most effective ways to obtain traffic to your business. You could have a physical store that is just a few miles away. It’s also possible to get visitors to your website. You will want to place these in areas where there is substantial traffic on a street, even if it is in a residential neighborhood. Here are the many benefits associated with using yard signs that can effectively market your business.

What Is A Yard Sign?

As the name would indicate, it is simply a sign that is positioned in a yard. These are typically in the front yard of a single-family home, or perhaps a complex where multiple people live. The yard is adjacent to the sidewalk, which is close to the street, giving a substantial amount of disability. The larger that the sign is, the better off you will be in terms of capturing the attention of people walking or driving by. These are often placed in areas where both foot traffic and drivers will be able to see the sign at a distance, giving them time to read what is on the sign.

Are Yard Signs Good For Marketing?

There is often a lively debate regarding the benefits associated with this form of marketing. For some, defined to be a very effective way to get people to visit their store or website. For others, they will rely upon digital advertising, billboards, or advertising in the local paper. However, the cost of this type of advertising is quite minimal, making it a very simple and cost-effective way to attract potential customers.

How Can You Use Yard Signs To Improve Your Marketing?

A yard sign is very similar to a billboard that you would see driving on a local highway or freeway. They are typically large enough to be seen from the street, but not so intrusive that the person that has the sign in their yard will want to have it removed. All signs that are in yards are there based on an agreement between the business owner and the owner of the property. For a small price, you can position multiple signs along very busy streets, allowing you to test their level of efficiency. By simply placing your address, the name of your company, and your website, you can often attract hundreds if not thousands of unique visitors every week.

Are Yard Signs Really Effective When It Comes To Marketing?

Yard signs can be extremely effective simply because of where they are positioned. When you are trying to generate traffic to your website, or your brick-and-mortar store, the number of people that see your advertisement is really the key to your success. Of course, when you are placing a sign on a street, it is not targeted marketing. However, there are certain businesses that can benefit. Evergreen products and services, or businesses such as nail salons, or even grocery stores, can see an uptick in the number of visitors that they receive on a regular basis.

How To Track The Success Of Your Yard Signs

In traditional advertising, such as taking out a full-page ad in a newspaper, you will often have a code that people will use. This could be a sequence of numbers, letters, or a word that they can use to redeem something at your place of business. It could be a 10% discount on their next purchase. The code might allow them to get something for free. You will want to test different offers with memorable codes that people can write down and use at your store or on your website. Based on the number of people that use the code, you can determine how successful your signs are. Those that attract the most customers are likely providing an offer that is appealing enough to get them to write it down.

The only way to know if a yard sign is helpful for your business is to start putting them at different locations. You may even want to put a code on each of your signs. The people that see the sign, and the code, can redeem that code for a special discount at your place of business. This will allow you to track the efficiency of not only what is on the sign, but whether or not the traffic that sees the sign is highly targeted. By testing signs in different locations, with different offers, you will eventually find one that will be extremely helpful for your business. Overall, yard signs will often be used by businesses to attract more potential customers. It is only through testing different offers, at different locations, that you can see how much they can help your business.