Channel letter signs are a leading option for businesses looking for an eye-catching form of signage for displaying their company logo, slogan, or some other permanent publicity statement.  

Modern publicity and marketing competitions have reached new heights and a major part of staying ahead of your competitors is being clearly distinguishable. Channel lettering allows for this and much more. While you will want to consider the elements in the locations as well as the directions of traffic, there are virtually no limits to what can be created by a professional channel lettering company.  

What is Channel Lettering?  

Since the advent of lighter materials and malleable plastics, channel lettering has allowed for a new range of business signage that is especially attractive and prestigious. Basically, this consists of whatever letters, numbers, figures, and shapes a business will need to express the desired message over a great distance.  

These figures can be of any size and formation and then attached to the outside of the building in a variety of different ways. The great versatility of how these figures can be mounted outside your building or on special structures can increase their visibility to passing traffic.  Better still, your channel letter signs can be fitted with LED lighting to provide a variety of lighting effects that also increase visibility at night and set a tone your audience will find attractive.   

Furthermore, these channel letter options are typically available from professional signage companies with many years of experience. This means that you can count on resourceful professionals to help you surmount any difficulties and challenges you face when choosing, designing, and planning your business signage.  

Storefront Channel Letters 

 Your carefully designed channel letters can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Because they are strong and durable, they are most often used in outdoor publicity. Channel letter signs can be a set of individual 3D shapes with the selected designs or one large 3D sign with the printed message.  

The shapes that make up the sign are box-like in nature and this creates the “channel” you will see inside and also gives them their name. Lightweight materials are choosing to construct the frame of the sign while a piece will form the translucent cover and visible part of the sign that will be displayed. These “boxes” are then sealed against the weather and fitted with the lighting of your choosing. If you will be choosing a channel lettering sign for indoor use, you will not have to be so cautious with the elements.

Channel letters can be used to form the letters and numbers and other fairly consistent shapes that you will need to use in your message. Then the specially used shapes, fonts and figures you need can be crafted to the exact specifications you need for the logos and individual forms that identify your business. This is especially important considering that channel lettering is an especially popular form of publicity and it is quite likely that the business next door will be using something similar. This will have to be considered as your sign will have to be 100% unique and stand out in its environment.  

Backlit & Illuminated Signs – LED Channel Lettering 

One of the greatest things about channel letters and something that should be fully explored to add a unique appeal to your sign is lighting. Sophisticated LED lighting allows for a wide range of effects that can suit the style and personality of any business. Of course, you will want to work with a professional signage company that truly understands the vision you have and be able to help you realize your plan to perfection.  

One of the industries where channel lettering is most often found in the food industry. A good channel letter sign can reflect the very flavors of the kitchen. But channel letter signs are also used for gas stations, bars, grills, and a wide range of other businesses that are open for customers after dark.  

Advantages of Channel Letter signs for Modern Businesses 

The Modern channel letter sign is one of the most innovative and economical options for today’s businesses. Here are some of the most important benefits you should know about this impressive publicity option.  

  • Recycle, Upgrade and Save Cash – Older channel lettering signs, and even dimensional letter signs can be fixed up and restored to new. The structures for these signs are typically strong and can be repaired and maintained to hold the new sign that will last for many years.  
  • Effective and Low Maintenance – Not only do these signs catch the attention of the passer-by with their high visual impact, but they are also especially easy to care for and maintain.  
  • Low Carbon Footprint – Because they don’t feature any moving parts — unless this is what you need — channel signs are an especially eco-friendly solution to business publicity. When they are old and run down, they can be recycled and upgraded again.