Channel lettering provides a versatile and eye-catching way for modern businesses to display their company names logos and message for all to see. If you have been looking for an advantageous way to catch the attention of passing clients, here is what you should know about this impressive option for business signage.  

What are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are used to form the letters, numbers, symbols, or just about any other shape you need to communicate a message to the passerby. These forms and figures are crafted to the exact specifications you need to provide a unique look and style that will capture the tone and spirit of your brand.  

This is especially important considering the popularity and widespread use of this type of business signage. It is quite likely that a few other businesses in the vicinity will be using a channel letter as well. But not to worry, your channel lettering can be crafted completely unique and designed to stand out in its environment.  

Advantages of Channel Letter Signs for Modern Businesses

As one of the most economical and innovative types of business signage, channel letters provide a number of important advantages to the modern business looking to capture the attention and imagination of their passing clients.   

  1. Recycle, Upgrade and Save Cash – Channel letters are especially versatile and long-lasting. If an older model has become run-down, out of style, or fallen to disrepair, it can be renewed and fixed up to last for many years to come.
  2. Effective and Low Maintenance – In addition to being especially easy to maintain, channel lettering stands out from the environment and is valued for the high visual impact.
  3. Low Carbon Footprint – Older channel letters can be recycled and upgraded extensively, thus avoiding the scrap pile. Because they don’t require moving parts — unless that is what you are looking for — they are also an eco-friendly solution to effective business publicity.  

Types of Channel Lettering for Your Business

To create a unique visual experience that will effectively attract your target audience, channel letters are available in a variety of attractive designs and display options. One of the greatest differentiating factors is the way these attractive signs are illuminated. 

Here are some of the most popular channel lettering types for your consideration: 

Standard Illuminated Channel Letter

Standard illuminated channel lettering is like a box made of aluminum “returns”, which is the term given to the sides of the channel letters. These “boxes” can be created in any shape or form needed and illuminated from the inside with LED or neon lighting. The light shines through the face of the channel letter which can be made of acrylic or polycarbonate materials. Polycarbonate is the more durable option, but acrylic materials have a shinier and more dazzling effect.   

Aluminum or plastic trim caps are used to secure the face in place. The face can then be colored with vinyl cut-outs or, in the case of a solid-colored acrylic face, the entire face can be colored. This option has the advantage of being highly customizable.   

Halo-Lit or Reverse Channel Letter

Also called “reverse channel letters”, the halo-lit option is constructed of durable aluminum. The faces and returns of the reverse channel letter are made of aluminum making them especially durable. To provide the halo-lit effect, the channel letters are positioned away from the wall or race-way onto which they are mounted. This space between the channel letter and the all allows the lighting elements contained within the individual channel letters to shine onto the back of the wall thus illuminating the area around each letter with an attractive glow available in a wide variety of colors.

Whereas regular channel letters are illuminated through the face, providing a flashy and fun look, halo-lit channel lettering has a decidedly distinguished and classy appeal. 

Front/Back-Lit Channel Letters

But, the options for unique lighting can be adapted even further. Maybe you would like the attractive and classy appeal of a halo-lit channel lettering along with some illuminated accents along the front face as well. This is possible too. Front/backlit channel letters have aluminum registers and polycarbonate faces. This allows for backlighting and front illumination to suit your style and presentation perfectly.  

Steel Channel Letter

If you are looking for something especially lightweight and even much smaller than your average channel letters, stainless steel is the option for you. Stainless steel channel letters are made of a thinner material and a great option for interior business signage. These channel letters can be completed with mirror polished faces and edges for a next-level degree of sophistication. To take this idea to the next level, stainless steel lettering can be finished with titanium coating available in mirror polish and satin finishes. This provides the beauty of brushed brass that will never tarnish.