Corporate Rebranding

Brand Implementation

Corporate rebranding can become a logistical nightmare. Whether you’re rebranding plants, offices, dealers, franchises, or other locations; the process grows exponentially more complex with each new location. Choosing the right signage partnership can develop solutions that reduce cost and risk. While increasing the brand’s impact.

Humble Sign Co is a leading provider of sign manufacturing, installation, and project management. Offering world-class capabilities in outdoor signage implementation, physical distribution, and maintenance programs across the United States.

Rebranding Services

Before signing your lease, we will review landlord sign criteria, explain restrictions and offer solutions to maximize the sign area. On behalf of our clients, we can negotiate with the landlord to obtain approvals for larger signs, additional signs or tenant panels.

Surveys are an important part of developing accurate drawings and estimates. We can obtain needed information by receiving photos of the proposed tenant space, architectural drawings or on occasion performing an on-site survey, with cost.

Design of signs depends on landlord sign criteria, design of the building and city imposed regulations. We design our signs using client provided logos to be as effective as possible. Our designs are award winning, eye-catching and quality built.

Our scope of work includes obtaining permits once drawings are approved by the client and landlord. Permitting can be quick or an extremely long process which requires staff time. We assist with sign variances or modifications required by the city.

All of our signs are constructed of aluminum, steel and other materials designed to withstand the elements. Channel letters are illuminated with very bright LED’s and acrylic faces decorated with long lasting 3M translucent vinyl.

Installation is included in all of our proposals. Our crews will handle the installation or we will closely coordinate the install with one of our many partnered companies we have developed lasting relationships with.

We can repair a sign requiring servicing wherever it is installed. We have wiring diagrams & cut files of the signs we manufacture so they are often repaired in one service call. Photos are provided of your sign repair and to document our records.

We furnish our signs with LED’s that have a limited manufacturer 10-year part and 5-year labor warranty. If sign cabinets require LED’s, we will install the same LED’s with the same warranty.

All channel letter signs can be delivered at no charge to any site or to one of our install partners outside our installation radius. No freight or crating charges will be added.

We take it upon ourselves to protect your branding guidelines using the same custom design so that all of your signs look uniform. We also offer ideas when unique situations arise that may require signs to be designed outside branding guidelines.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

  1. 30% overall cost savings associated with the simplified sign specification
  2. Elimination of the risk that dealers would go to local untrained signage suppliers to address local conditions or cost concerns
  3. Increased dealer engagement in the rebranding program as a result of feeling that the company “listened to their concerns and was realistic about developing markets and industrial settings”
  4. Brand consistency on a National scale
  5. A sophisticated logistics roll-out process that include consistent documentation and transfer of sign-design drawings and specifications to assure sign partners work from the same plans in the same way
  6. Adoption of a new approach for maintenance of the company’s sign-program for the long term that completely changed the decision-making process in the field
  7. Setting up the Roll-out and Manage phase of a brand implementation must allow for specialized procurement, up-front value engineering and expertise concerning the logistics of rebranding. The combination of all of these advantages speeds up the rebranding process, saves costs and assures a much higher level of brand integrity in execution.

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