When it comes to a sign, you can use it to show off a lot about a sale that your business is having. You want to let people know your old prices or how much of a percentage they are getting off of a purchase. Make sure they know when your sale will end so you can create a sense of urgency. If you need more clarification on what a sign should have on it, you can contact a professional graphic designer who can help you put together what will work for you.

Sign Shape

A sign can be a different shape than what people are used to if you want to attract more attention. For instance, you can have a sign that’s a pyramid shape because that will make more people pay attention to it. You just have to make sure the sign is easy to read from wherever you expect people to be able to see it. It’s easy to fit everything onto a sign. Still, if it’s proving a problem, you should get a professional to do a better design with less information.

3D Signs

It’s possible to make a sign look 3D with the right materials. You can use things to make a sign that sticks out a bit and has a texture. If your sign looks good enough, people will associate that with your company which is a good thing. But, if the sign is going to fall apart quickly on you, then you must maintain it. You want people to avoid tying your company to a sign that has a lot of issues going on with it.

Sign Colors

Get colorful when it comes to putting together a billboard. When people see something colorful out of the corner of their eyes, they generally will try to look directly at the sign. However, you want to use something other than colors that make the text on the sign hard to read. You should look at the final result with a billboard. If there are any legibility issues, you can switch up some colors. Most graphic art professionals that work on signs will know how to make everything pop without losing the ability to read everything.

Sign Fonts and Sizes

Know what font size to use when it comes to any text you’re sharing through an advertisement. Whether creating a tiny billboard or a huge one on a highway, you want to know that people can read it. If you go with a fancy font, it can make things hard to understand for people, which is why you want to stick with whatever works best at the right distance. Ask about fonts when someone is putting together advertisements for you and they will let you know more about what they think would work the best.

Sign Lighting

If your signage is going to be something you want people to read when it’s dark out, you’ll need to have some kind of lighting. If there is no lighting, people will be unable to see your sign when it’s dark out.