Why Choose Humble Sign Co?

Humble Sign Co is a complete, in-house custom fabrication shop. The signs that Humble Sign Co produces are some of the best in Texas. We focus on quality, customer service and honesty, never leaving our clients in the dark. Once the sign is up, we still have your back with our  5-year warranty that covers damage, maintenance and parts. Since we have been in the Houston area for years, we know all about permitting and city ordinances.

A Note from Our President

LED Sign Questions

Purchasing an LED sign may be one of the most important investments for your business. Unfortunately, in an effort to save money, many businesses overlook the importance of designing and purchasing a high quality sign for their store front or lobby. The fact is that LED signs reflect your image to both new and current customers and can contribute to an increase in sales.

When selecting the proper sign for your business, it is important to be informed about the characteristics of LED signs that may affect their life span and cost.

There are two types of Signs that can be referred to as “LED.” The first is an acrylic or metal letter that is lit with a A light-emitting diode (LED). Or, it can reference a message board made of thousands of tiny LEDs to create custom messages like a TV.

With traditional, LED-lit signs, the light is caused by electrons recombining and releasing energy (when connected to electricity). LED message boards are connected to a computer and work together to create real-time images and messages.

You and your customers! LED is extremely reliable and cheaper than traditional neon signs.

A storefront can speak volumes for your business, so the bigger, the better.

Absolutely! Not only is it affordable, but it can get your current signage up to date in no time!

Other FAQs

Humble Sign Co is known by national brands for their ship-in installations services. We house specialized staff committed to bringing in and installing signs from all over the nation.

Yes we do! We have been working with permits and cities for years!

Not only do we have great testimonials, but give us a call and we can point you to specific companies who have trusted Humble Sign Co on many occasions.

Humble Sign Co has 60+ Reviews with a 5-star Rating on Google.

We are an A+ Rated Company on the BBB.

Yes, we are proud members of the ISA and the TSA.

Our UL Certification means that we are held to higher quality installations and fabrication. Our signs are built to UL standards and are examined by a certified UL inspector.

We stand by our signs, if something goes wrong, we will fix it. Also, if you had a sign built by someone else and need maintenance, Humble Sign Co can help you faster than most other companies in Texas. View our warranty

5-year, zero-cost maintenance guarantee on all parts, labor and lighting.

We started as a simple printing company located in the loft of an auto service shop. Today, we produce signs for major brands all over the country.  With one of the best reputations in the industry! Our experience, hunger for more and desire to learn has brought this company to the top of the sign industry.

Our story has been featured in 2 magazines/online publishers: Voyage Houston and Sign Builder Illustrated

Our Gallery is just a portion of the jobs and projects we have encountered in the past years. Our staff is constantly expanding and pushing the limits of all things signs. View our gallery.

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