Humble Sign Co. was proud to be a part of HEB’s newest multi-level location project in Houston’s Heights community at 2300 N. Shepherd Dr.

As part of HEB’s continuing initiative for art, we were commissioned to design, fabricate, and install a special outdoor sign art installation of 5’ tall HE_GHTS letters on the walkway out in front of the building.

These letters were a part of the initial architectural drawings of the store in the heights, proving their importance to the top HEB employees. In an article from December 2016, by the Houston Chronicle, (Article Found Here), Scott McClelland, the president of Houston HEB stores was quoted describing the idea; “McClelland called {the letters} “Put the ‘I’ in Heights.”” The letter “I” was intentionally omitted to create the perfect photo-op for customers acting as stand-ins for the letter. 

The top HEB executives were adamant that these letters should not only look amazing, but last.

Because this is such a highly trafficked area with patron interaction encouraged, they wanted essentially indestructible letters that looked good from all angles. 

Taking the challenge to heart and seeing this as an incredible opportunity, our team got to work immediately. We answered their request with completely seamless, zero visible fasteners, 100% structural aluminum constructed letters, coated with two-tone automotive grade paint in HEB red finished with an anti-graffiti UV clear coat that not even the toughest paint will stick to. The Humble Sign Co Fabrication Team not only saw these letters as a challenge, but a possibility to create something completely unique.

Through the efforts of our great team at every step of the project, we delivered the unique work without issue for their January 30th grand opening.

Since the grand opening, the HE_GHTS letters have got the attention of local news stations like KHOU11, radio stations like the Rod Ryan Morning show, and the response on social medias like Instagram have been incredible. HEB is a Houston treasure and these letters were made to encourage everyone to participate in that feeling.

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