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One of the best ways to attract new congregants and let your local community know about the culture at your church is to install church marquee signs. These signs can let you provide information to the community about upcoming services or even send out a positive message to passersby.

Outdoor Church sign for Newlife church in Houston by Humble sign co

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Church marquee quotes about the Bible or morality can inspire people in the area to visit and see what kind of services you offer. When it comes to church signs, the only limit to what is possible will be what kind of signage you want to invest in for your church. The right sign can tell people a lot about your church.

At Humble Sign Co., we have been creating custom church signs for churches and congregations across the greater Houston area for more than 17 years. Whether your church is interested in a scrolling church marquee LED or a yard sign with interchangeable letters, we can help.

We handle everything, from initial design to fabrication, installation, and maintenance. We also stand behind every sign we design, manufacture, and install with our 5-Year Worry-Free Guarantee. You can feel confident that your new church sign will attract people for many years.

The Right Church Signs Can Help Your Church Grow

If your church has older staff, you might want to invest in outdoor LED church signs. That way, you can change the message on the sign as frequently as you want without any intensive physical labor on the part of your workers or volunteers. Custom LED signs can provide a bright, attractive medium for messages to your community, spreading your faith or even inviting people to public events. An LED sign can be used to advertise your service times or share Biblical quotes. A well-designed LED sign or other church sign can help people in your community understand the focus and culture of your church.

The best way to attract new congregants and members is to reach out to your local community. For most churches, the best way to market your faith is to invest in permanent, high-quality signs. From exterior signs that show your church name and logo to internal signage to help people navigate your community center, the right signs can make a big difference. Humble Sign Co. can help your church grow and reach a larger audience with professional, custom-made signs.

Humble Sign Co. Has Experience with Church Signs

You don’t want to spend your marketing money on signs from an offshore manufacturer whose product may be of questionable quality. Humble Sign Co. can create a custom sign that fulfills all of your needs and complies with local ordinances. We understand the permit process for signs, and we can help guide you through it. Whether you have a design you want or just a general idea, we can help. From design to fabrication and installation, Humble Sign Co. is a local sign manufacturer and supplier that can help your church reach a broader audience every day.

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When my company was seeking to update our signage, Humble Sign Co. knew exactly what to do to utilize our current structure to bring it up to today’s standards.They saved us money and time.
— Cadence McKenna

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