Hair Salon Signs

Investing in the right signs for your hair salon can help you grow the business quickly. Different salons offer different services and cater to different groups. Whether your salon specialized in ethnic hair, conservative hair cuts, or dramatic and youthful looks like mermaid hair, a well-designed sign can help attract customers.

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In some cases, such as cutting-edge and trendy salons, backlit metal letters may be the best option. If your salon specializes in haircuts and styles for professional woman, you may want a more standard hair salon signboard design. At Humble Sign Co., we understand sign design.

The right sign can say a lot about your salon. Not all hair salon signs are effective at attracting the right customer base. Generic signs may not be memorable, while edgy signs could alienate more conservative customers. Of course, design isn’t the only factor that matters. When it comes to hair salon signs, outdoor durability is important. Lighting may also be critical, depending on the location of your salon. Humble Sign Co. can create any number of unique signs to help your salon stand out by showing off your aesthetic. We can handle everything from design to installation.

A Great Hair Salon Sign Attracts New Clients

For many salons, exterior hair salon signage may be the best way to attract new customers. People passing by may not be in immediate need of a cut and color, but the right salon sign will help them remember you when they do need to update or refresh their look. Depending on the location of your salon, a storefront sign may be enough.

Other times, you may want an elevated sign to draw the eye of people on nearby roads or highways. In some cases, signs with changeable letters or a programmable LED sign could prove to be an ideal way to communicate with people in your community.

At Humble Sign Co., we know that design matters when it comes to hair salon signs. The look of your sign should help convey your salon’s culture and overall aesthetic. We believe that sign making is still an art, and it shows in the signs we design and manufacture for our customers. We also believe that signs should be a lasting investment, which is why every sign we create comes with our 5-Year Worry-Free Guarantee. We can even help clean and maintain signs after they’ve been installed to help extend their functional lifespan.

Humble Sign Co. Can Make You a Great Custom Hair Salon Sign

When you invest in hair salon signage, you want it to last. Humble Sign Co. can help you create something both modern and timeless that will continue to attract clients for your salon for years to come. Whatever your target audience and brand, we can help design, manufacture and install a sign that fits your hair salon’s needs. There’s a reason we’ve been a trusted signage company in the greater Houston area for more than 17 years. Contact us today to explore your options for hair salon signs.

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When my company was seeking to update our signage, Humble Sign Co. knew exactly what to do to utilize our current structure to bring it up to today’s standards.They saved us money and time.
— Cadence McKenna

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