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When it comes to effectively targeting and communicating with potential customers in a physical location, few advertising methods are as effective as illuminated business signs. Whether it’s an architectural sign by the roadside with illuminated letters or a fully lit sign displayed by a highway exit to draw traffic, the right design and style can communicate a lot about your business very efficiently.

Illuminated signs in Houston

What Can Illuminated Signs Do for Your Business?

While it may seem basic, illuminated signs can do a lot to draw the attention of pedestrians and drivers in the darker hours and those who are some distance away with a good view of the area. Illuminated exit signs, as an example, can alert drivers quite far down the road that your business is accessible via an upcoming exit. If that driver has a need for the products or services you’re offering, that sign may well convince them to stop in and patronize your business.

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Sign illumination can also be beneficial in both city settings and even more rural locations with less traffic. They can improve visibility from the road, and they can also help those who regularly travel the road remember the name of your business and what products or services you offer.

Even if they don’t immediately have a use for your company’s offerings, they may in the future, and signage will help them recall your company name and location when that day comes. The same logic applies if they have a friend or loved one who could benefit from what your company offers.

Illuminated letter signage makes it so much easier to communicate with potential customers! From allowing concise marketing of sale offerings to advertising new products or services to passersby, signs with illuminated letters can help spread the word about your company.

Make Humble Sign Company Your Illuminated Letter Sign Supplier

If your company is in the Greater Houston area, Humble Sign Company should be your first choice for illuminated letter signs and other signage you may need. From highway exit illuminated signs to LED letter signs, Humble Sign Company has the technological know-how and experience to design, produce, and install any kind of sign your company may need. From custom-made LED letter designs to neon signs and even arcylic backlit letters in custom fonts and colors, we can handle any custom sign requests.

Humble Sign Company has been serving the Greater Houston area for over seventeen years, and our solid reputation is well-earned. We pride ourselves on service and high-quality, competively priced signs. We even offer a five-year Worry-Free Guarantee on parts and labor on the signs we design and install. This means that working with Humble Sign Company can offer you peace of mind not available if you purchase your signs from some anonymous company in another country.

You’ll be able to work with a local professional team that has experience in creating, manufacturing, and installing all kinds of business signs. When you need new signage for your company, contact Humble Sign Company first.

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Humble Sign Co. was able to create an amazing vehicle wrap for us. They took time to listen to our ideas and the vision for our brand. Then, a fantastic and memorable wrap--money well spent! I highly recommend Humble Sign co. They were great to work with.
— Kim Hunt

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