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Everyone wants their business to stand out, but how do you know the best way to do that? You have to get your name out there, and there is no better option than a sign. As technology advances, sometimes businesses forget the best form of advertising can be simple. However, if you know where to look, you can find a sign that has advanced with technology, offering a great hybrid for your storefront. Humble Sign Co. can help you make that dream into a reality with their large LED signs.

Midwest City Elementary LED Sign

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What Is an LED sign?

An LED sign is an interactive sign that you can use to project not only the name of your business, but more captivating information as well! Use the video display to show short clips about your work, or show commercials that are already on the air. Also known as electronic message centers, digital marquee signs, and electronic display boards, these boards offer a large LED display for you to bring in business like never before.

Why Choose Humble Sign Co. to Design Your Large LED?

The most difficult and dangerous part about getting a large LED sign is choosing a manufacturer. Not only are there numerous manufacturers on the market, but there are also many that are not of high quality. These manufacturers may simply have a warehouse in their supposed location, but their supplier is international, often resulting in cut corners and cheap products that won’t last you nearly as long as you need.

Humble Sign Co. has had 17 years of experience in the Houston area with different kinds of signs, and if you talk to any one of our clients, they will tell you not only that our products are of high quality, but that we make sure the whole process is done right. What does that look like? Here are just some examples of why Humble Sign Co. is the right choice for your LED display needs.

  • Resolution
    • It does no good to have a screen for your advertising if the resolution is so bad that it just makes it one big blur. Humble Sign Co. offers a large LED screen with a variety of resolutions in both color and black and white, depending on your style.
  • Video
    • Along with our incredibly vivid imaging, our LED sings also offer the opportunity to present life-like video clips as well as a live video feed!
  • Control
    • Humble Sign Co. will provide you with a dedicated laptop for all of our signs, which you can then use to control the sign through a wireless connection. That means any changes you want to make on your advertising content, be they big or small, you can easily alter with just one click.
  • Warranty
    • In order to show our customers how highly we value our high quality and customer service, we offer a 5-year warranty on both parts and labor. This ensures that no matter what, your sign will be around for a long time.

When it comes to advertising, make sure you put your best foot forward. Visit for a quote today, and get your name up there in lights.

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Humble Sign Co. is extremely knowledgeable about everything that is signage. From the permitting process, to manufacturing, they really made everything so easy for us.
— Timothy Facco

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