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What Are LED Signs?

LED signs are professional signage designed with special light-emitting diodes (LEDs) integrated into the sign itself. LEDs are bright, colorful lights that are also quite compact and resistant to exterior damage, unlike traditional incandescent and florescent lights. They use substantially less electricity to operate and have an incredibly long usable life. From flashing LED road signs to seasonal signage needs  , there are very few limits to the potential applications for LED signage. Their compact size, long life span, durability, and low energy input requirements make them one of the most versatile options for any business or commercial building .

led signs houston installed and designed by humble sign co

An LED sign in Houston can draw a lot of attention to your company’s location, day or night. Whether your company is providing outdoor services and requires mobile LED signs or has a fixed location and would like an animated moving LED sign, obtaining a professionally designed and built LED sign can help increase awareness of your business, its operations, and its locations. Well-designed custom digital LED signs can convey a positive message about your brand, showing that it is modern and environmentally friendly. This won’t be your plain, printed-plastic, store-front sign that’s going to fade and fall apart in a couple of years. Humble Sign Co. will make you an LED sign that will stay vibrant, eye-catching, and, most importantly, functional for years to come.

Why Choose LED?

While the technology involved in the creation of LEDs is newer, there have been significant advances in the field of LEDs recently, leading to a substantial price drop as compared to only a decade ago. No longer cost-prohibitive, these highly-efficient light sources are brighter, longer-lasting, and available in a full range of brilliant, eye-catching colors!

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LED signs can be designed to move, alternate colors, or blink. Our signs are easy to keep up-to-date on current offers with a simple, easy-to-program wireless connection. They can be integrated with existing structural signage or exterior architectural signage. They can also be added on to an existing storefront or work space with little construction, as they can be significantly lighter than similar designs in neon, not to mention much more durable!

Why Choose Humble Sign Company for Your LED Sign Needs

Whether you’re looking for an LED stop sign in Houston for your parking lot or construction space or a portable LED sign to take to conventions or industry expos, Humble Sign Co. has a great assortment of LED signage for Houston area available at a competitive price. Our LED signs are a must for store-front signage. We offer a broad range of LED signs and custom design and are one of the best-established LED sign manufactures in the area! Our 5-year parts and labor warranty is not to be forgotten. We stand by our work and our customers know we’re always here to support them.

While we operate primarily in and around the Greater Houston Area and proudly offer competitive pricing for LED lights and signs in Houston, we serve the entire United States as well, on a limited basis. That means that even if you need LED lights in Chicago, Humble Sign Company can handle it! When your company is ready to upgrade your existing signage or invest in signs for a new location, contact Humble Sign Co., where sign making it still an art!

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Humble Sign Co. is extremely knowledgeable about everything that is signage. From the permitting process, to manufacturing, they really made everything so easy for us.
— Timothy Facco

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