When you need to have feet in the door one of the first rules about marketing your business is that people need to notice it and they need to trust in the brand (and the products or services it provides). Storefront signs are so important when it comes to attracting new customers.

Great outdoor storefront signage not only attracts attention but also conveys information succinctly and concisely. Think about the world of the 21st century. Speed is something that is part of our daily lives. Often the potential customer is in their car – and your business only has mere moments to attract their attention – and convince them that your business can meet a specific need or needs. Storefront signage can do that – if it follows some simple rules. 

First, bigger is better.

The storefront sign must be clearly legible to someone traveling at speed. It must be bright enough and use color effectively to stand out from the crowd. Quality and lighting (and often) unique design all factor into providing your business with a competitive edge – and getting people through the door. 

Many business districts have a variety of operations that offer comparable products. There may be differences in pricing and promotion – two of the key drivers of purchase, according to the classical marketing mix. But the customer often needs to be through the door in order to gauge those aspects of the offering (leaving aside the channels of the Internet and above-the-line advertising). Store signage can provide the other two drivers of the marketing mix – product and place.

Storefront signage shows the customer where to go to fulfill their needs – Place.

Designed correctly, it can also supply valuable information on Products. Let’s think of a fictitious business ‘Don’s Bait and Tackle’. Storefront signage showing just the brand and the descriptor has supplied the potential customer with all they need to know. This information can of course be supplemented by other storefront signage showing special offers and pricing ‘It’s Tackle Tuesday – All Lures 25% Off!’. However, the main store signage – that which is visible to the motorist traveling at 55mph needs to attract them to the retail outlet so that they can fulfill a need.

The New York State Small Business Development Corp. has done research that indicates that at 55mph (the average speed limit on the highway) an outdoor sign needs to boast an area of between 300 and 450 square feet. It also needs to be between 74 to 90 feet high. Any less and the ability of the driver to absorb messaging becomes compromised. A skilled signage company is aware of the challenges as far as visibility (and legibility) are concerned and will be able to offer invaluable advice to ensure that storefront signage is effective. 

It should be said that it’s not only the motorist that is attracted to good signage (and the store), even pedestrians are in a hurry. They may not even have a particular product or service in mind, they may be shopping at the mall for their groceries – but good storefront signage can create a need. Foot traffic presents a ‘target of opportunity.’ It’s difficult to imagine a sport fisherman not stepping into Don’s even if he (or she) was simply doing the weekly grocery shopping. That storefront signage attracts, informs, and invites the consumer to explore.

Another reason that storefront signage is such an attractive investment is that it never sleeps.

Storefront signage is working 24 hours a day, even when the business is closed. There is one proviso, however – lighting is all-important. Even the most well-designed and creative storefront sign is useless once the sun goes down if it is not lit correctly.

Storefront signage is an attractive (and in most cases, essential) investment, however, the store owner needs to be aware of the regulations that govern its use. Spending money on storefront signage is a great idea in these increasingly competitive times, but if that signage does not conform to local regulations that investment will be for nothing.

Storefront signs are an essential part of the marketing mix that stores need to employ. However, they require careful thought out in order to be effective. Design, including shape and materials, as well as color, lighting, and copy all play their part in proving that exceptional return on investment. A professional signage company offers a variety of services that will ensure that your signage stands out from the crowd.