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If you’re looking for a unique sign for your business, you may be considering channel letters. These large, custom-designed and manufactured letters are typically used to spell the name of a business of building. In some classic or retro designs, each individual channel letter is internally illuminated.

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In modern designs, reverse channel letters, where the letters stand out as dark in front of a patch of bright light, are also popular. Whatever the feel and culture of your business, it is possible to create unique signage using channel letters that accurately conveys your brand to potential customers.

Your Signage Is a Big Part of Your Brand

The sign that identifies your business creates a strong impression in people about what to expect. That is particularly true if you are business that deals directly with consumers and not other businesses. From the colors and fonts used to the design of your logo, everything has an impact on your customers and those passing by.

The right sign can send a strong message and intrigue people about your business.  It’s important to remember that in many cases, your sign is the first impression any of your customers or potential customers have of your business. You want it to be a good and memorable one.

Many upscale restaurants and modern clothiers, for example, use dramatic reverse lit channel letters and little else in terms of signage on the exterior of their building. These bright and highly contrasting channel letter signs send a powerful and dramatic message about the brand of your business.

Reverse channel letters can also be eye-catching to people who are walking or driving past your storefront. If your company is going for a classic, retro, or kitschy look, more traditional plastic channel letters with bright internal lights may be a better fit. Design should match your business’ culture and style.

Humble Sign Co. Can Help Design Your Perfect Channel Letter Sign

When it comes to the sign on the front of your business, design and quality matter a lot. Your sign will tell your potential customers a lot about your business, it’s brand, and whether it’s a good fit for them. Working with experienced, professional sign designers is the best way to maximize the impact of your channel letter signs. At Humble Sign Co., we believe sign making is still an art, and we strive to create eye-catching and durable signs that accurately convey our customer’s brands.

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We’ve been in business making custom, locally manufactured signs for over seventeen years. Humble Sign Co. can help your business with every step of your sign’s design, manufacturing, and installation. We understand local ordinances and sign permits. Most importantly, you can depend on our quality. We back each of our signs with a Five-year Worry-Free Guarantee on all parts and labor. You can enjoy signage that’s attractive and on-brand while having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your investment will last. Humble Sign Co. is ready to help!

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When my company was seeking to update our signage, Humble Sign Co. knew exactly what to do to utilize our current structure to bring it up to today’s standards.They saved us money and time.
— Cadence McKenna

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