Custom Metal Letters

If your business wants a sign that stands out and has a fresh, modern feel, you might want to consider metal letter signs. At Humble Sign Co., we can create custom metal work to fit your business’ brand and overall aesthetic. You don’t want to buy those flimsy aluminum, mass-produced metal letters you find at some hardware and craft stores.

Unify Metal cut-out Office Sign

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You need custom-made metal letters for signs that are manufactured to withstand the wacky weather and high winds we sometimes experience in Houston. We have the fabrication equipment and experience to make it for you.

There is a wide range of metal signs. Some trendier, more modern businesses like boutique or upscale dining restaurants might want backlit metal letters with reverse illumination or even a flame feature built in. Others may want an antique-style hanging sign meant to look like pressed and painted tin. At Humble Sign Co., we know that every business has its own aesthetic and niche, and we strive to design unique, attractive and durable signage that you can proudly display at your place of business. The right sign can help you increase foot traffic, brand awareness and even your bottom line.

Humble Sign Co. Can Manufacture All Kinds of Custom Metal Letters

Whether you want a metal storefront sign or custom metal letters to hang on your exterior, Humble Sign Co. has the experience and equipment to create exactly what you want. We have cutting-edge sign manufacturing equipment, as well as more than seventeen years of experience in serving the greater Houston area. We can make unique metal letters in the font and size you want, and we can even handle the installation process. We stand behind every sign that we design, manufacture and install with our amazing 5-Year Worry-Free Guarantee on all parts, lights, and labor.

Not all signs are created equal. Mass-produced metal signs and metal letters can look tacky and quickly degrade in the weather. Metal signs purchased from offshore manufacturers can take weeks or even months to arrive, only to disappoint when they finally do. Then you’ve got the expense of shipping the sign back, if returns are even allowed, as well as the fact that you still don’t have a sign for your business.

With Humble Sign Co., you never have to worry about quality or design. We’ll keep you involved in every step of the process, so you can feel certain that you’re getting what you want.

Proudly Making Custom Metal Letters for the Houston Area

Humble Sign Co. has been making custom signs and metal letters of all sorts for customers in the greater Houston area and across the United States for over seventeen years. We can help you with everything from design to the local permitting process for signs in the Houston region. When you buy a sign from us, our 5-Year Worry-Free Guarantee means that you can trust in our quality. Let us help you get your business noticed with a custom metal sign now!

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Humble Sign Co. is extremely knowledgeable about everything that is signage. From the permitting process, to manufacturing, they really made everything so easy for us.
— Timothy Facco

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