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As technology advances, more and more aspects of our lives are affected. Signs are no exception. While signs such as channel letters, monument signs, and pole signs are still valid forms of advertisement, the far more technologically advanced option would be a programmable LED sign. So where can you go to get this interactive option? Humble Sign Co. is here to help you in your programmable LED endeavors!

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The Benefits of a Programmable LED Sign from Humble Sign Co.

If you are considering an LED sign, but are still not sure enough to move ahead with the idea, here are some benefits that may be able to convince you.

  • Easily Modified
    • The nice thing about an LED sign is that it is always reprogrammable. Meaning that if you decide that you don’t like the way your ad looks, or you want to experiment with a different graphic, you don’t have to order a new sign, you simply have to reprogram your LED. This allows you to experiment with colors, fonts, ad campaigns and more, all with a click on a screen instead of a new order!
  • Vivid
    • If something moves, or a light shines in the corner of your eye, the immediate reaction is to look and see what it is. This same logic applies with LED signs. While you may able to just look past standard signs on the side of the road, LED signs capture your attention with movement. An LED scrolling message board will bring your eye to the changing words on the screen, or a change of colors and background can garner attention. Either way, it ensures that more people notice your sign, which can bring in a larger clientele.
  • Constant Updates
    • LED signs are great options for those businesses that want to get out new information on a regular basis. When you want to advertise a sale or various discounts, you often have to pay for temporary signs, which can cost a lot of money. LED signs mean that all you need to do is program in the new text and watch the public come in for your deals and discounts. Humble Sign Co. offers an easy to program 24/7 display with a wireless connection.
  • Variety of options
    • There are different makes of programmable LED signs. You can have text only, such as an outdoor scrolling LED sign, or you can include video and pictures. In fact, here at Humble Sign Co. we offer life-like video clips, or even live video feed, whatever you need to get your message across.

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Humble Sign Co. takes pride in the fact that we don’t send out to manufacturers in China for our signs. We make our own signs, and are so proud of their construction that we offer a 5-Year-Worry-Free Guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to discover the LED sign we can make for you!

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Tremendous job on my bandit signs and banner for the High School's All Sports Booster Club special event. Humble Sign Co produced the signs and banner fast and really worked with me to choose the best design.”
— Malcolm Dishongh

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