Industries We Serve

Many different kinds of companies need professional signs. At Humble Sign Co, we are proud to serve a variety of thriving industries in the greater Houston, Texas, area. We have over seventeen years of experience in providing professional signage for our customers. We can help with every step of the process, from design and manufacturing to permitting and installation. At Humble Sign Co, we have a professional history of working with a variety of industries to design appropriate and engaging signs.

With years of experience, we understand local ordinances in and around Houston. That means you can trust us to design a sign that complies with local laws. We can also help guide you through the process of getting permits, when one is required. Not only are our signs attractive and functional, they are backed by our 5-Year Worry-Free Guarantee. When you buy a sign from Humble Sign Co, you can trust in the quality of the materials and the labor to install it.

Signs Help Your Business Stand Out

The right kind of sign can make all the difference for your business. A sign can help people find you. It tells potential customers and clients what you have to offer. It catches the eye of people passing by, helping them know you’re there. A good sign with strong design can bring in new traffic and customers.

We can help design signs for:

• Retail stores
• Shopping centers
• Restaurants
• General contractors
• Professional offices
• Schools and universities
Church Signs
• Energy and petroleum companies
• And many more!

Of course, signs do more than just tell people your name and location. LED signs and signs with interchangeable letters can be used to advertise specials, share a joke, or otherwise communicate quickly with people on foot and in cars. Special outdoor signs can help people navigate your campus, whether you’re a school, retail shopping center or office park. Interior signs can help people find specific businesses, classrooms or offices.

The Right Sign for Your Industry Makes All the Difference

Different industries need different kinds of signs. Hotels and quick-serve restaurants may want tall, illuminated signs that attract attention from drivers on nearby roadways. Trendy sit-down restaurants and fashion boutiques might want reverse illuminated metal signs, which look modern and cutting-edge. Retail shopping malls may prefer light-box signs and pylon signs that can advertise the names of various businesses inside.

Theaters, churches and other large venues may want a marquee sign or a sign with interchangeable letters to advertise upcoming events and features. Programmable LED signs can benefit a broad range of industries, as they allow for quick and colorful presentations that can be easily changed.

Humble Sign Co Can Help Create the Perfect Sign

At Humble Sign Co, our experience speaks for itself, and so do our signs. We believe that sign making is still an art, and it shows in the signs we design, manufacture and install. When you’re investing in signage, Humble Sign Co should be your first choice!

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