There are various methods you can use to promote your business. Among the effective strategies that most business owners find effective is the use of roadside business signs. Using effective signage is integral because it enables you to attract attention to your business and further grow your brand. Chances are that you encounter a myriad of signs every day, but you don’t really realize the role that they are performing.

Even with the various effective digital advertising strategies available, you shouldn’t overlook the power that a good roadside business sign carries. From boosting your brand image to providing directions and promoting your newest product, a roadside sign can serve various functions that will be advantageous for your business.

Here’s how roadside business signs can help establish your brand:

Reaches Drivers and Other Passersby

A recent survey discovered that, on average, U.S. drivers spend 176,000 minutes on the road. This suggests roadside business signs are an excellent way of luring attention to your enterprise and grow brand awareness to a large portion of the populous.

With many individuals constantly on the move, it’s no shock that 50% of clients surveyed reported that a road sign was their initial exposure to a certain brand. For this reason, it‘s among those advertising tools that are a must for any enterprise. Business roadside signs can expand your brand awareness and instigate impulse buys among drivers and other passersby.

Location Finder

A prospective consumer may be aware of your brand but doesn’t know where to find you. A roadside business can help with this since it can assist clients to locate you with ease. There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than having to strain their heads in search of a business. Chances are that they will give up their search and take their business to your competitor.

A business roadside sign can assist clients to pinpoint where your business is located. The roadside sign can indicate to the driver to turn at a certain street and you can continue with the directions up until they reach your doorstep. The driver in this case won’t need to struggle to locate your business and will have already shown a willingness to buy from you.

Your business roadside sign can also lure individuals off the street – those persons not necessarily searching for your brand. When they see your roadside sign, they may be attracted to the designs and opt to take a look at the services you are providing. By the time they enter your business premises, you’ll have achieved the first step in them being customers.


A roadside sign is among the only pieces of marketing that your business actually owns. It only needs you to make a one-time investment, and you’ll have owned it forever. A marketing campaign you run online or on TV will be a concurrent expenditure that’s temporary. Contrary to this, a roadside sign can remain up for as long as you wish and will only need cleaning and possibly some minor repairs and retouches.

What’s more, a roadside business sign will be noticeable 24/7/365, making it a consistent medium of marketing. If you install LED lights to act as illumination, the roadside sign will be conspicuous even during the night. Even during closed business hours, your roadside sign will still be working, letting early birds and night owls know that you are looking for their business. This kind of remaining power makes business roadside signs a viable investment.

Coupled with the long-term financial advantages that come with putting up a roadside sign, this medium of marketing has staying power which means it will be paying for itself. Compared to other forms of marketing, you’ll be getting high-quality results at a lower cost. Also, a sign can be modified easily to promote your latest product or service, and updated at a significantly low cost when need be.

Mood Setter

First impressions are indeed everything and none more so than in business. How you portray your brand the first time around will determine whether you’ll attract new leads and retain the current customer base you already have.

A sign should assist you set the mood you want your enterprise to be viewed, whether it’s fun, trendy, sophisticated, or reliable. On top of the various kinds of fonts you can include in your roadside sign, ensure that you have chosen the right colors too. Colors have the ability to trigger certain emotions from people, so including them in your roadside sign means you can appeal to those emotions and induce them to visit as they drive or walk by your place.

Even though digital marketing is crucial, growing your brand using signage is also key! You don’t have to undertake this project on your own. You can enlist experienced professionals to guide you through the process of designing and maintaining your roadside business signs. They can help you come up with a design that best describes your brand.