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How to Make an Outdoor Business Sign Last

Outdoor building signs, while great for visibility and getting the word out about your business, are also sometimes difficult to keep up with due to various aspects. Not only are there numerous technical aspects that need to keep functioning, but the sign is also exposed to, and often battered by, many natural elements. Here are three steps you can take to make sure that your outdoor building signage will last for a long time.

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  1. Pay Attention to Manufacturing Procedures
    1. There are numerous sign making companies out there, but you must be wary and do your research when hiring one, as cheaper is not always better. There are companies that claim to be local, but they only have warehouses in the area, whereas their manufacturing takes place overseas and is not made to last.

Here at Humble Sign Co. we make all our signs on-site. We offer precision metal forming equipment, in addition to robotic channel letter manufacturing and computer-driven routers/vinyl plotters, to ensure a quality manufacturing job for our custom exterior building signs each and every time. Higher quality means longer life span.

  1. Don’t Use a Fad
    1. When planning the design for your new sign, it’s important to remember that this is an investment. It is important to get a sign that represents your company’s image, however you should make sure that it’s a style or wording that you want to continue with for a long time.

A big mistake you could make would be to use a fad or trend in your sign design or slogan. This limits the amount of time your outdoor building sign can be used, as it is only a worthwhile advertising tool when the trend is popular. If it goes away, that means you’ll have to invest in a new sign. If you need help with your design to make it a true representation of your company’s image in a timeless style, our graphic designers are at your service. They are both innovative and skilled in sign making design specifically, so they can use their creativity in combination with practical considerations, using sign fabrication techniques that they know work.

  1. Find a Company with a Warranty
    1. Despite all the best efforts, sometimes there are technical difficulties or repairs that are unavoidable. Unlike many other companies, Humble Sign Co. has a five-year guarantee on both parts and labor, so we can ensure that your outdoor sign will keep lasting, despite any surprises.

With so many outdoor sign options out there, you want to make sure that you choose the one that will last. Follow these tips all the way to Humble Sign Co. to get your free quote today!

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Tremendous job on my bandit signs and banner for the High School's All Sports Booster Club special event. Humble Sign Co produced the signs and banner fast and really worked with me to choose the best design.”
— Malcolm Dishongh

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