Pole & Pylon Signs

What Is a Pole Sign?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a pole sign is a large company sign, typically facing a highway or major road, that involves a tall central support and an elevated sign, often with a light pole to ensure the message of the sign can be viewed day or night. If your company is looking for a freeway sign to draw people off an exit, a pole sign is the best permanent option.

Do you need a sign for your business that stands above your competition? If so, then Humble Sign Co has just the sign you need. Our pole signs can help your business soar! When you use an LED pylon sign design, you increase the number of people who will see – and notice – your business. This means more potential customers and an increase in your company’s bottom line.

pole sign can quickly and effectively communicate to nearby drivers about what your business offers and how nearby you are to their current location on the roadway. If you want to use your proximity to roadways to your advantage, pole signs are a great method to do so.

The Benefits of Installing a Pole Sign

There’s a reason that most chain restaurants, gas stations, and motel chains install pole signs close to highways and exits. These signs, often illuminated all night by pole lights, turn nearby drivers into potential customers. A well-designed pole sign can include your brand slogan, your company iconography, and even changing messages via plastic letters or LED panels that create illuminated messages.

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