Scoreboards & Timekeeping Equipment

With products in over 100,000 gyms, stadiums, and playing event areas, Fair-Play is your premium solution for electronic scoreboards and timekeeping equipment.

With a continuous focus on improvement, Fair-Play products are built to provide a truly integrated system for sports display solutions. With over 85 years as an industry leader, the goal of Fair-Play has been consistent from the beginning: “bring scoring accuracy and innovation to those who support sports for the love of the game.”

Traditional Scoreboard

Bright Durable LEDs: High contrast digits insure optimal viewing and require virtually no maintenance.

Wide Viewing Angle: Wide angle LEDs allow spectator viewing from virtually any location.

Unbeatable Protection: Neoprene gaskets and polyurethane coating protects against outdoor moisture and corrosion. Acrylic cover and conformal coating protect indoor components.

TL Vision Full-Color Digital Video Display & Scoreboard Combination

Add an optional TL Vision video display for the ultimate fan experience. Showcase live game footage, video replay, player stats, sponsor messages, animation and so much more.

Full-Color Matrix Scoreboard

A full-color matrix scoreboard is ideal for facilities that entertain multiple sports. They provide added flexibility and dynamic control of game stats, team logos, sponsor messages, graphics, and animations. Available in both indoor or outdoor configurations.


  • High-contrast amber LEDs with dimming feature provides visibility in all conditions
  • Wide viewing angle provides viewing from virtually any location on the field
  • Caption conversion kits let you easily change sports and scoreboard titles
  • Neoprene gaskets and polyurethane coating protects each digit from moisture
  • UV-resistant paint available to protect against the elements
  • Free color coordinating trim tape


  • Super-bright, long-lasting LEDs provide consistent color with no “hot-spots”
  • Three color (amber, red and green) LEDs protected by acrylic light-diffuser
  • Free volleyball and wrestling captions with basketball scoreboards
  • Standard horn with every indoor basketball scoreboard
  • Double bonus arrows standard (excluding 1500 series)
  • Free color coordinating trim tape

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