If you’ve worked with Humble Sign Co, you know we have a 5-year warranty!

This includes:
All parts, labor, LED lighting, and signage.

But, excludes:
Servicing for breakers or time clocks.

This is because those problems are electrical problems, not signage problems. To prevent you from incurring charges over an easy fix, we’ve made instructions on how to reset both your time clock and breaker.

TIP: Your time clock may need to be reset after a power outage.

Adjusting Your Time Clock Yourself

  1. To reset your time, pull the yellow dial out towards you and rotate it to the time you want to set it to. Then push it back down into place. The silver arrow should point to the desired time.
  2. To adjust the time it turns on, unscrew the top of the green arrow, move it to the desired time and tighten with pliers. Do this with the gold arrow as well to adjust the turn-off time.

You may need to flip your breaker. A short circuit or overload may cause your breaker to trip, so simply flip it on and off.

You may need to set up a service call. You can do that by calling Humble Sign Co at 281-812-2100!