Materials for Storefront Signs

Factors to Consider When Selecting Material: The Importance of Quality to Storefront Signs

storefront sign can help increase local brand recognition and improve the amount of foot traffic to your business. Storefront signage can be effective at marketing your business, so it’s important to have your signs professionally designed and installed to maximize the impact of your investment.


With the right planning, storefront signs can be a permanent and highly effective means of communicating with passersby, traffic, and potential customers. Depending on the location, height, and purpose of the sign, what materials you choose matter!

What Sign Materials Should You Use?

Certain signs will have more exposure to temperature variations, strong winds, and other sources of wear. Cheaply made signs with questionable materials sourced from offshore manufacturers often can’t withstand the powerful weather that is common in the Houston area.

This means that instead of saving your company a few dollars, an international sign supplier could cost you more over time. Cheap materials or unskilled manufacturing labor can negatively impact the overall quality and longevity of the sign.

Cut rate international sign makers will not use as high quality of materials when constructing your signs, whether you’re looking for a plastic-based pylon storefront sign or a custom made LED electronic storefront sign. Working with a local business ensures that the materials are the highest quality possible. This does more than protect your investment in the sign itself. It ensures you are complying with local ordinances and reduces potential liability in the event of a catastrophic signage failure.

Humble Sign Co. Can Provide Quality Materials for Quality Storefront Signs

Humble Sign Co. understands area sign regulations. We can help you apply for any necessary permits, making the process of upgrading or investing in storefront signs much more simple. We also have a skilled team of installers with whom we work. This ensures that your sign installation costs are reflected in the quality of the work done. You won’t have to worry about damage to your sign in inclement weather, as we use the best materials and employ best practices in the installation of signs.

In fact, we offer a Five Year Worry-Free Guarantee on the parts and labor for our signs. That’s just one of many reasons that companies in the greater Houston area have relied on Humble Sign Co. for the design, manufacturing, and installation of their storefront signs for over 17 years! When your business is ready to invest in storefront signage contact Humble Sign Co. We can handle the entire process, from design and permitting to installation and maintenance.

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Humble Sign Co. was able to create an amazing vehicle wrap for us. They took time to listen to our ideas and the vision for our brand. Then, a fantastic and memorable wrap--money well spent! I highly recommend Humble Sign co. They were great to work with.
— Kim Hunt

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