If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you will likely use some type of digital signage within the confines of the business area. These can be used to direct people to different areas throughout your facility. They may also be used to tell people what is on your menu at a restaurant. Additionally, these can be used for marketing purposes. Certain specials that you may have available for a limited time should be presented to people stopping by. There are different types of indoor digital signs that you may want to use in order to attract more potential customers.

What Exactly Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage has changed its definition over the course of several decades. In the beginning, it represented digital displays that would have LED lights that would show you words. Today, modern technology has made it possible for videos, images, and interactive icons to be presented on signs. They can be used for directing people at a convention, taking orders for food, or telling people about places they should visit. The purpose of digital signage is to do the work that human beings would have done years ago. There are many reasons why having digital signs within your place of business can lead to more growth for your company.

Different Types Of Indoor Digital Signs

There are several different types of indoor digital signs that you can use with your business. There is interactive signage, video walls that you can install, and menu boards as well. Self-service kiosks may also use digital signage. However, it is advertising or promotional signage that may be the most effective at helping your business grow. 

Interactive Signage

This type of signage has become extremely popular in business settings where you want people to interact in some manner. For example, if you have ever been to a restaurant, they will allow you to place your order so that you do not have to wait in line. It is also called smart signage because, based on their choices, it can display content and advertisement to the user. It keeps the customer engaged, eventually leading to them making a potential purchase.

Video Walls

This type of signage is used for a wide variety of reasons. They can be very effective for disaster management. They can also help when it comes to making decisions in real-time situations. These can be quite complex, requiring video wall processors, specialty hardware, and multi-display networking capabilities. You may see these at hotels, catering to visitors from around the world that are visiting your community.Video walls are quickly becoming popular in retail spaces. Many footwear and clothing stores have video walls that display their products being worn by someone in their target audience. This is very effective in swaying customers to purchase a specific product. 

Menu Boards

From fast food establishments to regular restaurants, menu boards have become very prominent. You will see people standing in front of these large signs that present the menu for what is available. They can start with appetizers, move on to the main course, and finally the desert that they would like to purchase. They can even order for everyone in their party, and that will help the restaurant save time and prepare your food more quickly.

Self-Service Kiosk

If you have ever been to a hotel that offers a kiosk, these are locations where you can ask about local information. However, to save money, many hotels are placing a self-service kiosk in their place. Customers can ask questions, receive information, and go to different locations. Additionally, businesses that have products available can provide a self-service kiosk so that customers can place their orders.

Digital Signage For Marketing

This is perhaps the most beneficial type of signage for any business. It will display items that are for sale. Even if a customer has come into your place of business for a specific product or service, the signage will do additional marketing for you. In some cases, they can enter their email to get on your list. This will enable them to receive special offers from time to time. Essentially, they serve as a digital marketer for products and services that you have available. In many ways, they are highly advanced salespeople without needing to hire a large sales force.

Final Thoughts On Digital Signage

If you do not have digital signage at your place of business, this is something that you should consider investing in. Whether you need a small digital sign for directing patrons, or for taking orders, you can have this installed by professionals for an affordable price. It allows you to take advantage of the curiosity of people at your establishment that may be interested in the services or products that you sell. It is also a fantastic way to attract new buyers as well.

Digital signage has improved dramatically over the last few decades. In the past, digital signs would simply present words or phrases that would scroll using LED lights. Today, modern technology has made it possible to provide video, and interactive settings, that people can watch and also use. By installing digital signage into your place of business, you can benefit from additional sales now and in the future.