As a business owner, one of the most important and challenging tasks you’ll have to undertake is picking the right storefront sign. In addition to making sure that you’re complying with the signage and zoning regulations in your region, you need to pick a sign that not only makes your business stand out but also reflects your brand. To help make things easier, we have created a list of the different types of storefront signs to consider. 

1. Electronic Message Signs

Also referred to as digital LED signs, electronic message boards, or digital outdoor signs, these kinds of signs offer versatility in addition to providing a modern look. Available in a wide array of styles, digital LED signs range from monochromatic to high-resolution video. With electronic message signs, you can change the display message from any computer with the touch of a button. This provides simplicity and ease for any business, especially if you run one that regularly needs to display new information. 

2. Awnings

Often designed from metal or canvas, awnings are excellent for dressing up a doorway. They create a dramatic look and offer functionality that goes beyond advertising your company. Awnings can be made in an array of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors, providing a custom look for your company. They boost your business’ exterior for an upscale feel and also offer ample room if you want to include additional information to the sign, such as a phone number, website or email. Awnings also protect your interior design from fading caused by the sun and cover your customers from the elements. 

3. Wall Signs

These typically hang on the wall above the entrance to your store. They come in numerous varying shapes and sizes. Some are simply flat panels with graphics, while others feature a lighted acrylic box. The front-lit type light internally, but shine forward via the acrylic faces. The back-lit ones shine from behind the sign, thus creating more of a glow. Also, wall signs can be lighted from an external source, or be non-electrical. 

4. Pylon Signs

Also referred to as externally illuminated signs or internally illuminated signs, these signs offer great visibility as they’re freestanding. They are often made of steel,  stand on concrete foundations and reach a minimum of 12 in height. To boost their visibility, pylon signs rely on light-emitting diodes for illumination. This kind of exterior signage for businesses comes either single or double-sided and can also be used to showcase signage for multiple businesses in a building. More often than not, businesses opt to place these signs near the street, freeways, or highways in order to direct people to their parking lot. 

5. Roll-up Banners

If you are on the search for practical and cost-effective signage for your business, then look into roll-up banners. Also referred to as standee banners, these signs can be reused for years even after regular use, and thus the cost-effective aspect. All you need to do is replace inserts or banners whenever you have a new announcement or advertisement to make. The standee’s frame stays the same and since they are portable, you can place them anywhere, outside or inside your business premises. The ample space allows you to put any advertisement or information on the banners. From outlining the primary aspects of your company to announcing the latest offers, you can practically do it all with standee banners. 

6. Wayfinding Signs

Excellent for hard-to-navigate areas like shopping centers, housing developments and hospital corridors, these signs provide brand visibility and create a sense of cohesion while guiding visitors to your premises. Wayfinding signs may feature colorful maps, directories, and other interactive elements. 

7. Projecting or Blade Signs

These mount perpendicular to a premises wall. They are helpful for pedestrians looking for your business’ entrance and can be either lit or unlit. Projecting signs usually feature decorative hardware from which they hang. 

8. Monument Signs

These sit on the ground and tend to have low profiles. Monument signs come in a wide array of materials such as concrete, high-density foam, brick, or wood. They are usually placed at the entrance of parking lots, buildings or community centers. They can include a single business on the sign or multiple ones. 

9. Pole Signs

As the name suggests, a pole sign is basically a sign on a pole. These signs are essentially electrical signs that usually have only one entity listed. Most pole signs are designed to be viewed from a distance, with some featuring a second section with changeable-copy letters to show varying messages. 

In conclusion, there are many signs that you can use on your storefront. When deciding on the right one for your company, consider your type of business and budget. Then pick one that really meets your needs. If you are still at a loss, don’t hesitate to consult experts for the best results.