As a small business, you understand the importance of getting the word out about the products and services that you have to offer. But in today’s world of constantly connected online marketing and advertising, it’s easy to neglect in-person forms of promotion, in favor of ones that are digital. But while online promotion is valuable,

some forms of in-person promotion are still just as important today, as they ever were.

One of the most effective forms of in-person advertising is your company’s sign. Your business sign is the first thing that people will see upon arriving at your business, and the sign will give them a first impression of your company. In fact, a business sign is responsible for bringing in fifty percent of a company’s new customers.

A well-designed sign is important –for getting noticed and drawing people in. Let’s look at a few more ways that a high quality sign can help your business to grow and get noticed.

• Help You Make a Great First Impression
The first impression that your customer will have of your company –is not the front desk, but rather the business sign you are using to promote your company. A poorly designed sign that is cluttered or difficult to read isn’t going to give a good impression of your company. Similarly, if your sign is old or damaged it can discourage customers from coming in –regardless of how great your business may be inside.

• Provide 24/7 Advertising
Your business sign is an excellent from of advertising, alerting potential customers to what you have to offer. The great thing about this form of advertising is that it’s always there, promoting your company 24/7. Once you pay for the initial investment of your sign, it’ll be there rain or shine advertising your services.

• Indicate the Level of Quality That You Provide
Your business sign is a reflection of what your company has to offer, and can be an indicator of the level of quality that you provide. A high-quality sign will send the message that you’re an established company that provides high-quality products or services while an outdated, worn out sign could give the impression that your company is outdated.

As you can see, your sign can be a tremendous tool for drawing new customers in. For more information on Houston signs, or to learn about a new sign for your business, contact Humble Sign Company today. We would be happy to discuss different options with you, and help you to find the right sign for your company –one that will help to get you noticed.

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