If you plan to design or invest in an exterior business sign, you are in the right place. There are custom-made signs everywhere you turn, which are of the essence to a business. You would be surprised at how much things would change once you invest in signage. As much as designing an exterior business sign is exciting, you must know how time-consuming the process is. You can opt for an agency to create one or, better yet, design it yourself. The latter is an excellent choice because it will have your touch, thus, bringing you closer to the business. The following is a guide for designing an exterior business sign.

Determine the Purpose of the Sign

For the business sign to be effective, you must identify its purpose first. That is, what role is it serving? Some of the most common ones include driving foot traffic to your store, expressing your brand’s creativity, and communicating the product or services’ prices. This will give you a sense of direction even when approaching a company or agency to get the work done. Also, determine where it will be located. You certainly want it somewhere that is hard to miss. It is best to know that outdoor signage is placed on structures like pylons, stone monuments, and awnings, to mention a few. If you seek a third-party expert opinion about where to put the business sign, the better. This is because they can give your business a professional audit to find the location that suits it best.


Consult a signage company or agency if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. They will start with a consultation where they will collect the necessary information from you regarding your ideal signage. From this information, they will try to get the concept and bring your idea to life. Here, they will also discuss the timeline within which the work will be completed and their rates which you will compare against your budget. Also, you should seek their expertise in things you are uncertain about.


After the professionals have all the details, the next step is to develop an initial design. Here, they will make do with experts in their teams, including brand managers, architects, and specifiers, to ensure perfect sizing and location. After solid design creations, they move on to the next step.


There is usually a need to show clients solid designs drawn to aid them in visualizing their ideal signage. Its essence is crucial since it helps determine whether things are coming together. If not, the professionals can adjust to ascertain the fit for you and your business. In addition, you will have a rough idea of how it will look before it is finalized. That way, you can make any changes before it is too late.


The manufacturing process used to create signage depends on the type you go for. Choosing a signage company that provides quality services and products is best. That way, you can rest assured that they use materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes of the highest quality to ensure the signage is durable. The company can send you pictures of the final products to gauge them. If it is not at par with your ideal exterior business signage, errors can be rectified.


After you like what you see, the experts install it on your premises. Please only install it with others; if anything, they may not be as safe and secure as if an expert did the job. It is best to know that installing it requires a professional’s touch, for example, in shutting off certain areas of the building. Also, it may require special planning.

Final Sign-Off

This step entails getting a final sign-off to ascertain you love the final result. You should know that few companies take into account customer feedback; therefore, choose one that cares and prioritizes you. This is because they are passionate about your satisfaction and would go out of their way to surpass your expectations. Therefore, what is your excuse? This is the sign you have been waiting for to get your exterior business signage designed.

The following are some of the processes through which exterior business signage is designed. If you have found a company that can customize signage, reach out to them today, book a consultation, and hear from the experts. Whether you want interior or exterior business signs, you can be confident that you will find professionals ready to give you a hand. In addition, they are experienced and know the ropes in the field. As much as designing a sign is great, remember, having an expert do it for you takes it an upper notch and leaves no room for error, unlike when you do it.