Is your organization or business in an ever-changing environment or industry? Perhaps you host an array of events or have new promotions every week. If that is you, then changing your signage constantly is not practical or cost-effective. This is where digital LED or EMC signage comes into the picture. The benefits that these signs offer are numerous, which we will delve into further in this read. 

But first, what are EMCs and how do they work? 

Also referred to as Digital LEDs, EMC is an acronym for Electronic Message Center. These are electronic message boards that can be remotely programmed to display any kind of message or image. 

Each electronic message board consists of panels referred to as modules. These are 12×12-inch boxes that can be arranged into almost any size. Each module contains pixels with clusters of three types of LEDs: Red, Blue, and Green, enabling them to create every color imaginable. 

The distance between each pixel is referred to as a pitch. This is what determines the EMC’s resolution. The smaller the pitch, the higher the resolution. 

What are the Benefits of EMC Signage? 

EMCs are advantageous in that they can be seen from greater distances, particularly in direct sunlight or at night. This gives drivers adequate time to read your message and drive safely at the same time. Other great reasons to consider an EMC sign for your business include:

  • No need to replace signage when you have a different message
  • Pick the duration of the message to be displayed
  • Round-the-clock presence
  • Change the message anytime you desire
  • Program messages to be displayed at specific times
  • They come in varying sizes
  • Use your computer or smartphone for remote communication 
  • Greater visibility for your organization or business
  • Ability to withstand most weather elements
  • Able to display text, images, animations, and logos
  • Display content and messages in real-time
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors

In order to reap the above-mentioned benefits, there are several factors that should consider before investing in an EMC sign. These include: 

1. Interaction

When it comes to any type of signage, the first thing to consider is how your target market will naturally interact with the EMC. Questions to ask in this regard include:

  • Will the sign be visible from both sides? 
  • What content do you intend to display? 
  • How will the passersby be traveling? 
  • What height and angle will the sign be visible from? 

2. Location & Zoning

As with every sign, you want the EMC to be in a location where it’s easily visible to everyone. However, you may want to be aware of your region’s zoning restrictions, particularly when it comes to the type, size, and height of the sign. In this aspect, it is advisable to consult a qualified signage professional for correct information. 

3. Shape & Size

The size of your EMC will likely depend on the zoning restrictions, location restraints as well the distance from your target audience. Depending on the message you want to portray, you can customize the EMC with options like shape, size, colors, different fonts, etc. 

4. Resolution

Digital LED signs come in a wide array of resolutions designed to fit the distance and angle between the EMC and your target viewers. The ideal resolution in your case will depend on the location and height of the sign. The higher the resolution, the greater the distance that people can clearly see your message. Experts recommend picking 1mm for every 1M of the viewer to sign distance. 

5. Type of Content

As mentioned earlier, EMCS can display anything from text, images, animations, and video. However, the content you wish to display plays a major role in the kind of EMC to choose. Some feature access to numerous free animations and images for customized messaging, while others have true-to-life imagery and full video. This allows you to pick the best one for your needs. 

6. Existing Signage

If you already have an EMC Sign, you can consult a professional to determine if upgrading to a better model is worth the investment. With advancements in LED technology, EMCs feature better colors, graphics, software, and energy efficiency as time passes.

7. Budget

Last but not least, your marketing budget is worth considering. EMCs combine conventional signs with modern marketing tools and techniques. It’s a round-the-clock marketing solution that allows you to change your message at any time without additional costs. This is unlike traditional forms of marketing like newspaper ads. The benefits they offer are aspects to consider when allocating resources to marketing. 

With these tips, you should be able to pick the right Digital LED signage and truly reap the many benefits it has to offer.