Outdoor business signs aren’t the only thing you can use to create a good impression among your clients and customers. Indoor signs are equally important. They prove that you care about your clients, employees, and customers inside out. Partnering up with a signage company can help set up various types of indoor signs that can help your business flourish. Here are a few types of indoor signs that businesses usually use.

1. Digital displays

Digital displays can keep your clients engaged while they wait in the lobby. You can put infographics about your company through digital displays to create a positive mindset among your clients. Apart from office buildings, you can also install digital displays in your store. They can attract your customers’ attention immediately. Quirky displays announcing ongoing offers and discounts will lead your customers to different places in your store to increase sales volume. Many business owners also use digital displays to show their upcoming events, promos, and commercials.

Moreover, digital displays last for years. Investing in LED digital displays today will mean you don’t have to buy a similar display any time soon. LED digital displays come in various colors. You can customize the display according to the size and design you want.

2. Wayfinding signs

Imagine one of the most important clients will arrive at your office building soon. You want him to meet you directly in the conference room on the eleventh floor. The receptionist shows him the way to the lift. But once the eleventh floor arrives, the client can’t find the conference room because it’s at the other end of the floor. He has to ask a few people around to reach there. Do you think it creates a good impression on him? It doesn’t. That’s why you need wayfinding or directional signs for your business.

These signs help clients, customers, and guests to find the right room without asking anyone around. Some of the most common examples of wayfinding signs in office buildings are conference rooms, washrooms, pantry, and pool area. You will see wayfinding signs in shopping malls also, such as directions leading to the kids’ section or specific types of outfits like trousers or shirts.

3. Wall and floor signs

Wall and floor signs are usually for decorative purposes. They set the tone of your office building’s aesthetics, thus improving the overall ambiance of the establishment. You can install a full mural of your company’s logo on the floor or imprint the same on the wall. Many business owners install a floor sign of their companies’ logo right at the entrance of the office. Some even go the distance to imprint the logo on the floor and left, front, and right walls.

They create an inviting place for your clients. You immediately establish the fact that your client will meet someone who is proud of the company. Most importantly, it creates a positive brand impression. You can even create wall murals on different floors of the building that tell your company’s history.

4. Posters and banners

You will often notice posters and banners hung inside shopping malls that tell you about ongoing offers. They contain information like exclusive deals, limited-time promotions, and the arrival of the latest collections. For example, you enter a shopping mall, and as you pass by the apparel section, you see a banner saying “New Summer Collection.” You feel interested in checking them out and eventually buy a couple of outfits. This is beneficial for the brand that set up the banner in the first place. You can replicate the same model for your business also.

It’s best to be strategic about the placement of posters and banners. In this case, the banner wouldn’t be so effective if it was just outside the shopping mall. Customers may forget to check out the apparel section. Similarly, you need to think of where the poster or banner would work best for your business before installing them.

5. Lobby signs

Lobby signs are ideal for welcoming your clients and guests into your office building. You must create a sign that remains in the mind of your clients for a long time. That may eventually make them want to call you again. Visual representation of your brand’s success makes a long-lasting and positive impression, something that can help your business flourish.

The idea of lobby signs is to ensure that you welcome your client properly. You can customize the sign before the client arrives and mention his name on the sign to make him feel special. Or maybe congratulate the client on his latest deal to show that you take an interest in his work.

Indoor signs serve various purposes. It depends on the type of sign you want to use for your business. From welcoming guests and clients to leading them to your conference room, indoor signs can play a big role in ensuring that your office setting creates a good and lasting impression.