Marquee Signs

When it comes to outdoor signage and company signs, few forms are as instantly recognizable as the classic marquee sign. These signs communicate effectively with both foot traffic on the nearby streets and sidewalks as well as those passing by in vehicles.

Not only can a marquee sign let potential customers know what upcoming offerings your business has, it can increase brand awareness with the local community by drawing the eyes and imaginations of those who pass your business. A well designed and maintained marquee sign make it easy to communicate with your local community.

What Is a Marquee Sign?

A marquee sign is a permanent sign, typically attached to the exterior of a business over the main entrance, which includes both the business name and its current offerings. They often include flashing or scrolling lights or illuminated letters to draw the eye to the signage.

One of the most iconic and memorable forms of the marquee sign are the classic theater sign, listing the names of current performances, movies, or upcoming musical acts. Sporting venues, musical venues, and even restaurants with on-site entertainment are just a few examples of businesses that could benefit from using a marquee sign to reach potential customers.

Plenty of Marquee Signs for Sale … But Why Use One?

To some, the marquee sign may seem like a product of a time long gone, when movie theaters had only one screen and concert tickets only cost a few dollars. However, there’s a reason that Broadway venues and many other entertainment facilities still use marquee signs: They are incredibly effective at communicating with and advertising to potential customers.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a scrolling marquee sign that uses cutting-edge LED lights to produce realistic images and changing messages or a classing marquee sign with plastic letters, they’re a sure way to inspire interest in your business.

What Kind of Marquee Sign Do You Need?

Is your company trying for the authentic vintage feel that can come with an interchangeable, physical marquee sign with plastic letters and scrolling lights? Do you want something more modern, like an LED marquee sign that can produce photo-quality images? Humble Sign Co. can custom design a unique marquee sign that is on brand and on budget for your business. With the right marquee sign, you can keep your customers up-to-date on what you offer to draw new potential customers to your business.

Why Choose Humble Sign Co. for Your Marquee Sign?

Humble Sign Co. has over seventeen years of local experience in designing and installing a wide assortment of professional signs for Houston area businesses. From custom LED marquees to plastic marquee sign letters created in a font and color that reflect your brand, Humble Sign Co. can provide for all your marquee sign needs. Unsure if you can afford a custom sign for your business? We offer several financing options to help you get a new sign. If you’re ready to invest in a marquee sign to advertise your business and its offerings, you should call Humble Sign Co. today, where sign making is still an art!

It is my mission that Humble Sign Co becomes our customer’s go-to resource by providing unsurpassed communication, flawless execution and on time completion of their sign and service projects. We are driven by an unwavering commitment to work hard for our customers and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our goal is to deliver impeccable service while keeping prices competitive.

Bart Bart Peterschick – President

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