In an age where many competing businesses are offering similar services to customers, you can make your enterprise stand out to prospective clients by giving it more visibility. One of the best ways to do this is to get advertising signs for your business. With many enterprises relying on conventional signs, why not try out the more alluring and customizable flex face signs?

What Are Flex Face Signs?

Flex face signs are advertising, branding, or signage materials that are typically used in situations when signage materials that are typically cut in conventional sizes like plastics cannot be used. The one thing that sets this type of sign apart from the rest is that can be customized to suit any size. These signs can also be opaque or installed with LED illumination lights in the background to allow for better visibility during the night.

Flex face signs are usually held in place by a four-cornered frame and then fastened into place at each of the four corners. Once the frame to hold the signage is installed, the advertising information can be printed on a canvas, mesh or PVC before being tightly fitted into place while taking into account the tension of the signage material so as to produce an impressive visual effect. The frame used to hold these signs in place can be made of different materials with the most commonly used framing materials being aluminum or wood. The best part about these signs is that can be used on both the interior and exterior of a building.

What Are The Main Types Of Flex Face Signs?

There are three main types of flex face signs available in the market. They are:

1. Opaque Flex Face Signs

These signs are usually best to pass across a message that is only desired to be seen during the day. As the name suggests, the signage material attached to the sign frame is usually opaque in nature. The frame to hold the material does not usually have any LED lights in the background meaning the sign is not visible at night.

2. Reflective Flex Signs

These signs usually have a reflective signage material as the top cover making them visible to an individual once they are illuminated by any light in the darkness.

3. Illuminated Flex Face Signs

The frames for illuminated flex face signs are usually lined with an array of LED illumination lights underneath the signage material making them highly visible even during night times. Once the LED lights are turned on, people can see the message being advertised more visibly at all times of the day or night.

When Should You Consider Using Flex Face Signs?

These signs are ideal for use in the following scenarios:

  • When introducing a new brand
  • When advertising an existing product
  • When you need a visually appealing custom-designed advertising banner
  • When you need to put up a banner that exceeds normal size
  • When you need to put up a lightweight banner
  • When you need to get a message across to a target audience cost-effectively

What Are The Top Benefits Of Using Flex Face Signs?

Business owners across the world are choosing flex face signs as opposed to conventional signs for the myriad benefits they offer such as:

  • These signs are easier to customize. With flex signs, you will have an unlimited number of styles and designs to choose from
  • Unlike conventional signs which are heavy and hard to install, flex signs use aluminum frames and lightweight signage cover materials like PVC which are lightweight and quick to install
  • Despite their lightweight nature, these signs have a long lifespan
  • You can choose to get reflective, illuminated, or opaque signs based on your advertising needs and budget
  • Compared to other types of signs, flex face signs are less expensive to design and install
  • Unlike signs made of acrylic or plastic, these signs can easily be modified to suit new changes in the market or new business advertising strategies
  • These signs can be put up in any size making them ideal for either small or large advertising messages
  • These signs can also be attached to the supporting frame seamlessly so as to provide a better visual effect

Factors To Consider When Finding A Company To Design And Install Your Flex Face Signs

The quality of your signage will depend a lot on the designer and installer you engage to provide you with your flex face signs. Ideally, you should find a sign installer who meets the following qualifications listed below if you want the most alluring signs and durable signs.

  • They should have a demonstrated ability to print out high-quality digital covers 
  • They should have an impeccable safety record
  • They should have an insured workforce
  • They should have the capability to produce different types of flex face signs
  • They should have extensive experience designing and installing these signs (This means they should be able to provide you with an extensive work portfolio)