Advertising in the world of business is all about using cutting-edge strategies and attracting a customer’s attention. There are several ways of doing this including radio ads, billboards, TV ads, digital marketing, and business signage.

However, one of the more conventional yet effective strategies is a high-quality pylon sign.

Yes, a pylon sign is effective because it is to the point, interesting, and will capture the target audience’s attention in a matter of seconds.

Knowing all of this, it’s time to dig deeper into what pylon signs are all about and how they are used by contemporary businesses.

What Is A Pylon Sign?

Let’s start by defining what a pylon sign is and how it’s engineered.

In general, a pylon sign is a single or double-sided structure that’s designed to stand out. This structure is set up using a freestanding design involving two poles. These poles hold the sign up and make sure it can weather any type of storm regardless of where it is installed.

With a pylon sign, it will often include a steel/aluminum face that can be fully customized based on what the business wants to show. This includes having the ability to store LED lights (different than LED signs) to remain visible during the night when it’s harder to see.

The goal of these signs is to simply stand out in a way where people can find the advertised business quickly.

Most businesses take the time to fully customize these pylon signs based on their preferences. This includes how they look, what materials are used, and where they are situated. Each detail is important in generating new traffic to the business and increasing the bottom line.

How is a Pylon Sign Used?

Pylon signs are commonly seen as being used as a way to drive traffic to a nearby business.

For example, let’s assume a grocery store is coming up and a person is driving on the road in Houston. This individual is going to see the pylon sign from a considerable distance realizing the XYZ grocery store is coming up. It can immediately make them realize it is time to fill up their fridge with a quick stop at the store.

It’s simple and to the point.

The goal is to get anyone that is nearby to come to the store whether you are selling grocery, pet food, or anything else.

If people are interested, they are going to turn in and visit the store. This is essential and can make all the difference in the world depending on where the store is located. Sometimes, a store is hidden and it’s difficult to find.

By having a pylon sign, people will know exactly where the store is located and how to get to its parking lot. This alone is a major gamechanger and can drive sales throughout the day.

There are countless examples where signs like these aren’t used. Even when a person has the address, it’s not easy to locate where the store is and that can be a frustrating process to deal with. By the time the customer arrives on-site, they are already peeved and don’t have a good impression of the business.

This is why more and more businesses take the time to invest in pylon signs. They are effective and offer a great return on investment whether it’s bringing in regular customers or attracting new ones.

It’s all about welcoming impulsive buying, which is why a lot of fast-food restaurants also use these signs. The idea of having a pylon sign advertising a major fast-food chain is convenient and effective. People may want to stop over and buy a quick meal because they’re feeling hungry.

It’s all about touching on those emotions and that’s what a great pylon sign can do in a matter of seconds.

Final Thoughts

Pylon signs are an essential part of on the spot marketing.

Too many businesses get caught up in the nitty-gritty details whether this includes pamphlets, brochures, banners, flyers, and more.

Yes, those have a role to play in any successful marketing campaign, but sometimes it’s all about the simpler solutions. This is where a cutting-edge pylon sign is going to be a game-changer and will bring in customers like never seen before.

This is a solution that has worked for years and is only getting better as the signs grow larger.

Take the time to reach out to a professional sign provider and learn more about your options. It is a great way to maximize your business and generate new sales throughout the day. Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, the right type of pylon sign is going to get the job done.

This is why spending time on a sign such as this is the way to go and will yield impressive results when done properly.