The sign above your business is an important part of making a good impression with your clientele and attracting new customers to your services. If you have been looking for an intelligent and eye-catching way to attract the attention of passers-by, this article is for you.  

Here is what you need to know about channel letters and why they make such an ideal option for attracting attention to your modern business and its physical location.  

What are Channel Letters?  

Channel letters are custom-made signage. Channel letters are individual characters that are frequently used on the exterior of commercial buildings. Despite the name, channel letters can be letters, shapes, numbers, or even symbols. While there is a uniformity in what channel letters look like, you can still show off your individual style and brand. 

This is a very important aspect of business signage because so many different types of businesses use channel letters to promote their operations. There is a good chance that many other businesses operating in your region will be using this signage as well. But have no fear, the channel letters used to convey the spirit and culture of your business can be created uniquely to create that important connection with clients and customers seeking your products or services.  

Advantages of Channel Letter Signs for Modern Businesses   

If you’re opening a storefront, many businesses opt-in to get channel letters on the exterior of their building. This is due to the overall cost, maintenance, and quality of the signage. While any custom commercial signage has its pros and cons, here are some of the major advantages that this type of business signage can provide to your location. 

Recycle, Upgrade and Save Cash   

Any sign shop worth their salt will have channel letters that are made of quality materials. These materials will not allow the letters to fade or deteriorate easily. One issue you may face with a cheaply made channel letter is the face or even the whole letter flying off when the wind picks up. Choosing a sign company that prioritizes quality will save you the headache of needing replacement months or even a couple of years after the purchase. While you can’t go years without needing a new facelift, finely made channel letters will have a long lifespan and high ROI.

Effective and Low Maintenance   

Channel letters don’t require much maintenance to retain its high visual impact and functionality.  Channel letters are the best thing for grabbing attention and can be applied in countless different ways for maximum efficacy in your business.    

Low Carbon Footprint   

Older channel letters can be spared a trip to the landfill and be recycled and upgraded to look new. Furthermore, there are no moving parts or motorized systems to worry about — unless that is what you are looking for. All in all, channel lettering lasts many years as the most environmentally-friendly solution to business publicity.   

Types of Channel Lettering for Your Business  

To create a unique experience for all businesses looking to effectively attract their customers, channel letters can be created and presented in countless different ways. One of the most intriguing and attractive ways to add personality and character to your channel lettering is with the proper lighting.  

In addition to completely customizable forms, colors, styles, and lighting, channel lettering is available in a variety of different types. Here are some of the most popular channel lettering designs that can be used to effectively capture the very soul of your business and present your message to the public.

1. Standard Illuminated Channel Letter  

The standard channel letter is shaped a bit like a box, the sides of which are called “returns” and typically made of aluminum. These boxes can be crafted in whatever form the client needs and can be illuminated internally or externally. Internal lighting is placed inside these “boxes” and shines through the channel letter’s face, which can be constructed of translucent acrylic or polycarbonate materials. Acrylic letters have a dazzling effect and an impressive way of holding and delivering light. But polycarbonate materials are the longest-lasting option.   

A plastic trim and aluminum caps will hold the face to the returns. The face can then be colored or fitted with vinyl cut-outs to depict the color scheme and tones needed to convey your company message in the proper color scheme. The entire face can be colored in any way needed, making this one of the most customizable forms of business signage available today.  

2. Halo-Lit or Reverse Channel Letter  

Also called “reverse channel letters”, the halo-lit channel letter is made of top-quality aluminum. With this option, the faces themselves will be made of opaque aluminum. The “halo” effect is created by placing the lighting between the wall or raceway onto which the channel letter is mounted. When the lights are lit, the wall behind the channel letter is illuminated thus silhouetting the form of the channel letter against the attractive glow — which can be any color that best suits the tone and style of the business.   

Regular channel letters are illuminated through the face of the letter, creating a fun and flashy look. But these “halo-lit” options are illuminated from behind. The overall effect is very classy and elegant.     

3. Front/Back-Lit Channel Letters  

Lighting for your channel letters can be further adapted as needed. Perhaps you are looking for the classy appeal of the halo-lit option but with some lighting accents along the front as well. In this case, the face of the channel letter can be created of translucent materials or solid aluminum as you see fit. The lighting can be placed, within, behind, or in front of your channel letters to achieve whichever effect you feel is just right.  

Final Notes on Channel Letters 

It is essential that your business’s physical location is identified and stands out from the publicity from surrounding businesses. Channel lettering is a versatile and eye-catching form of business signage that can accomplish whatever purpose you need in creating a bespoke message for your public.