Your business involves more than its products, services, or logo. It is an entire experience. In general, customers will engage with you depending on how you promote your business. Your brand’s retail experience needs to encompass everything. 

Generally, this includes your signage, your website, social media, sales promotions, and ads. With this evolving digital era, signage tends to be an overlooked aspect of the retail experience. However, it’s worth noting that your business signage may have a similar impact as your website when it comes to your enterprise. 

From window graphics to digital signage solutions, here’s a look at how retail signage can help your business.

1. Improves Communication

As you might know, signs usually stand for a business’s most visible form of communication. Window graphics and outdoor signage may affect how a brick-and-mortar store operates. Apart from informing, signs actually do more! 

More often than not, people make assumptions about a particular brand based on the attractiveness and quality of their signs. The assumption further carries over to how people perceive the quality of a particular company’s products or services. 

If you hire a professional to complement your outdoor signage, then brand exposure will soon increase. Ultimately, this leads to more opportunities for acquiring customers and repeat business. Low or poor-quality signage can also prevent customers from interacting with your business. 

2. It’s an Affordable Marketing Tool

As aforementioned, apart from being a unique solution or an appealing differentiator, signage could do a lot more! What’s more, signs are an integral component of your business’s marketing strategy. Generally speaking, both small and enterprising brands can gain from utilizing signs as their marketing tool.

Undoubtedly, there are several tried and true methods, for example, newspaper advertisements and billboards. However, these promotional strategies do not share the same longevity as outdoor signs. Digital outdoor signage is also an exterior constant marketing campaign and can be visible at any time of the day, night, or year. 

Besides, consistency is another crucial factor when using signs as your marketing tool to creatively relay your promotional campaigns. You could promote a particular narrative with your signage by using similar themes, colors, and fonts at the same time. 

Generally, it will help your business become more recognizable. Furthermore, it will enable customers to build a relationship with your brand. In turn, this also enhances brand loyalty. 

3. Offers a Competitive Advantage

Any business out there experiences challenges when it comes to standing out in a sea of companies. But, signage may be the differentiator – between customers going for your brand over those of your competitors. With a unique and creative storefront, you can appeal to customers from afar and bring them into your store. 

The location also plays a significant role in offering your business a competitive edge too. As a general rule, your outdoor and digital signage needs to be in a high traffic location close to your business. You will also have an added advantage with onsite signage since it will allow customers to discover your company’s physical presence. 

4. Enhances Brand Awareness

Quite frankly, the greater your company’s recognition, the easier it is for your company to affect attitudes and perceptions. This allows a feeling of engagement with your audience. Ultimately, this leads to repeat purchases and an overall greater market share. Furthermore, signage is a vital aspect when it comes to driving brand recognition. Starbucks and Coca-Cola are two examples of companies that make the most out of using signage.

If you want to optimize signage, you need to create a narrative that demonstrates your company values. The narrative must also be demonstrated in your company branding and signage. Because of this, it enables people to connect with your business long before they have visited your retail store. 

5.  Improves Sale Opportunities

With well-designed, quality signage, you can have unplanned impulse stops. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, about 20-45% of business sales originate from impulse sales. For this reason, signage needs to be positioned in the right locations. For instance, the checkout counter could direct customers and encourage additional purchases. Above all, digital signage provides dynamic messages that could draw in more in-store sales.

BONUS: These signs are tangible assets that can be financed easily. Plus, we have a 5-year warranty.

Signage acts as a business tool that serves many purposes. Signage may act as a visual solution to a myriad of business problems such as brand recognition, sales, and competitive advantage. If you work with the appropriate signage and professional design consultancy, as you employ the proper branding narrative and elements, signage may serve as a visual symbol to draw much attention to your brand. 

Are you still wondering why digital outdoor signs can impact your business? Hopefully, the above reasons can show you the importance of using digital or LED signs for your business. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this today!