Why should you want a custom Lobby Sign?

1) First Impressions.

Your clients make your business. When you have a store or building space, you want your customers to feel confident about their decision to be there. The best way to do this is by an interior Lobby or Reception Sign. These signs show that you are a professional, proud of your company, and you want each and every customer to know from the get-go that you mean business. Professional-looking, clean, modern signs always catch the eye of your customers and show them that they made the right decision to be there.

2) These signs set you apart.

There are over 2 million people in Houston, with over 100,000 small business owners since 2010. It is easy for customers to get confused and forget certain companies during their hunt for a new service. Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure that your identity and location are remembered. High Impact brings high reward. You establish yourself not only as a profitable business, but above the competition and the best in your field. Interior Lobby Signs are some of the easiest, one-time investments to bring advertising and authority to your company.

3) Customization

As always Humble Sign Co is here to help. We are the leading sign manufacturing company in Houston. We can make your brand come to life. Our custom sign facility houses a fabrication shop, specialized salesmen, architectural and graphic designers and so much more. It is our mission to keep sign making an art, and that includes your sign. We can customize anything from the materials it is made out of, the design, to how and where it is hung. With a quality, customized, beautiful sign, you can be sure your company can make an impact on all your customers. Your customers will value the work you put in to making your lobby perfect for them. When it comes to signs, Humble Sign Co is here for you.

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