11 Things to ask your sign company

Be prepared

  1. Do you provide a warranty in writing?
  2. Can you email me a copy of your license and insurance?
  3. Will you be subcontracting any part of my sign, such as the installation? If so, are you going to be responsible for their performance?
  4. Do you have a professional signage design team that is experienced?
  5. Will you take care of any permitting I may need?
  6. Can you email me 3 recent references?
  7. Do you have any 4+ star rating with Google?
  8. Will you supply me with an artistic rendering and quote within just a few days?
  9. When was you company formed?
  10. May I come see my sign in the middle of the fabrication phase?
  11. Will you give me a timeline in writing?

It is my mission that Humble Sign Co becomes our customer’s go-to resource by providing unsurpassed communication, flawless execution and on time completion of their sign and service projects. We are driven by an unwavering commitment to work hard for our customers and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our goal is to deliver impeccable service while keeping prices competitive.

Bart Bart Peterschick – President

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