Important things to consider when purchasing an internally illuminated sign:

So we're on the same page...

  1. You should plan on 6 to 8 weeks for the process of designing, permitting, fabricating and installing your new electric sign.
  2. In most cases, your logo or business artwork needs to be in a vector format for electric sign production. A vector file allows the design to be disassembled piece by piece (PDF, Ai, EPS). Photo-image type files (like JPG, BMP, TIFF and PNG) are used for digital printing of posters and banners. Your sales person can help define these files for you.
  3. Your Landlord will dictate what type, style and size of sign you can have on your building. Get a copy of your landlords sign criteria, it will tell us what you can and cannot have on the building.
  4. The City Sign Code dictates the location, size and type of sign that your Landlord can allow you to have. We have access to the sign code online and will access this for you.
  5. State clearly your wishes and desires for your sign. Sign Salespeople are not psychic so the better you communicate with them on colors, style, type, shape and content, the better chance the designer will have of creating a sign that you like, and is within your budget.
  6. Establish a budget. Buying a sign is like buying a house… knowing what you can afford will help you make better sign buying choices.
  7. Don’t buy on price alone. There are too many options that can turn into problems down the road when price is the only consideration.
  8. Establish a relationship of trust with your sign salesperson and let them earn your business.

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Bart Bart Peterschick – President

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