Signage is one of those marketing tools that can make or break a business. As consumers return to a more normal way of obtaining goods and services – that is, sourced from bricks and mortar outlets post-Covid lockdowns they require enticing to enter a retail outlet. They are also exposed to marketing from a  variety of retailers who are aware that these consumers need information. That information should be highly visible – and stand out from the crowd. Signage allows the business to position its unique product or service offerings, as well as information such as special offers, or contact details. Signage is in essence, the public face of the business.

But, as mentioned that business is often vying for attention – in today’s hyper-competitive environment the business needs to stand out from the crowd. The challenge that faces the business is how to ensure that the signage they need meets these requirements – and what sort of signage company will provide the collaboration to ensure that the business attracts the sorts of attention that it requires to flourish? 

A professional signage company must meet certain criteria in order to ensure that its clients enjoy a superior return on investment. One of these criteria is that it should have its own in-house design team. This has a variety of advantages for the client. 

One of these advantages is cost saving. Having an external design house or advertising agency on retainer can prove extremely expensive. This also may not make simple business sense, especially for the mall or medium-sized business. Those types of businesses are often operating on limited marketing budgets, and their needs might extremely modest. They may in fact only require the services of a design agency or advertising company very occasionally, especially in this day and age when many companies are using avenues such as social media to reach and engage with consumers. 

Signage may only require the services of a design team for a single specific project – and this is where a signage company with an in-house design team fits the bill. The business has access to a design team for that specific project, without being locked into a long-term business relationship. Gain, it all comes down to the all-important return on investment.

That return on investment can also depend on the experience of the design team that is part and parcel of the signage experience. the business will have access to professionals who are highly specialized in what they do. They are focused on the business of signage. They have the experience of having worked in the industry for many years. They can conceptualize and design according to the clients’ unique needs – and they have a track record of success when it comes to signage.

That track record is important. That in-house design team has executed signage projects that span a variety of different types of executions. The world of signage is a many-faceted one. Having access to a design team that has seen and done it all before can be the difference between having signage that stands out from the crowd – or an end product is simply lost in the clutter of the enormously competitive environment of 21st-century business.

Of course, the fact that an in-house signage design team has access to the libraries of images and specialized software design tools that are required to design signage that conveys a unique brand identity is also extremely important. 

There is also the importance of communication – and the streamlining of the signage creation process. Dealing with two separate entities – one a design firm and the other the producers of signage is not only time-consuming but there exists the ever-present threat of communication issues. Two separate suppliers mean that all parties have to coordinate with each other in order to successfully produce the signage required. Having the design team and the signage producer under a single roof means that there is far less opportunity for miscommunication. This also translates into time savings – and as the old adage goes ‘time is money’. 

Of course, many businesses may consider tasking an employee with the creation of that effective signage. However, there are drawbacks to this approach. As mentioned the creation of signage requires specialist software tools and image libraries – and having an employee with the knowledge required to create signage is an expense that many smaller operations will find prohibitive. If the employee is engaged in the design of signage part-time – that means that their other skills are not being utilized to add to the bottom line.

In a nutshell, engaging a signage company that has an in-house design team simply makes sound business sense. The signage will be professionally designed and the process will be quicker and cheaper than would the case if the job was handled by the company itself – or by using another supplier to provide design services.